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Episode 2317: How to Drag On Your Terrain


Changes in leadership can be traumatic. Just look at all of the succession crises and wars that have started in the real world because one leader died and their followers couldn't agree on who should take over. If you want to inject some drama or conflict into your campaign world, you can do worse than having some respected leader unexpectedly die.

You instantly have factions vying for power. Peaceful kingdoms can be plunged into chaos. Nearby powers can make a play for territory in the ensuing anarchy, and monsters can overrun lands unchecked by authorities and patrols who suddenly have internal enemies to deal with.

The world doesn't stay the same. When monarchs die, kingdoms can fall.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Neat that there's a couple of holograms as attendees for this meeting. That background detail of remote meeting presence has probably shown up somewhere else that I'm forgetting about, but I do like its inclusion here from what's presumably the other surviving Resistance ship. The squishy faced alien next to Edgar is also pretty neat looking. It's like a cross between an old seal and a shoebill!

So is this a quick meeting session to explain that all of the leadership is gone? There's not really any good times for that in real life, but in a movie where the pacing can be controlled, having something like that while still being pursued doesn't seem like it would flow well. Even considering that there could have been a break to check on the Luke & Rey side of the movie, there'd need to be more happening here than that.

Maybe it's a quick idea gathering session of how to escape a second time? I'm not sure what exactly they'd be able to do, but I bet that Edgar or Finn is going to obviously make a suggestion of some kind. They're the main characters on the scene (sorry BB and Threepio), so the plot is probably going to be driven by them in fashion. Possibly starting with something like disabling all comms and then doing a bunch of hyperspace jumps in a row in different directions to prevent the First Order from following them. Comic-wise, this is gonna be another crazy Jim idea that still somehow works in spite of Poe being the most likely traitor to cause that plan to fail, isn't it?


GM: The Resistance fleet zig-zags erratically across space.
GM: Commander Larma D’Acy leads a briefing on the Raddus.
Larma D’Acy: Despite our best efforts, the First Order are clinging on tenaciously.
Edgar: Weren’t we using the terrain to lose them?
Larma D’Acy: Turns out the lack of terrain in space is a real issue.
Edgar: Lead them into the Kessel Run!
C-3PO: How many parsecs will that take?
Larma D’Acy: Ahem. In other news, General Organa is unconscious, but recovering.
Larma D’Acy: This is the only good news I have. Admiral Ackbar, all our leadership, they’re gone.
Nien Nunb: Times like this we all need Mon Mothma. <sigh>
Edgar: I’ll take command!
Nien Nunb: ... Way more than anyone realises.

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Published: Sunday, 04 June, 2023; 02:11:06 PDT.
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