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Episode 2308: Docked Her; Doctor, Give Me the News


Environmental hazards can really mess you up. In reality. In games they are often glossed over. As long as you have air to breathe, you'll be fine, no matter if you get squashed under tons of rocks or walk across lava.


Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uhhhhhhh huh. Well then. Hm.

I really wasn't expecting Pete to be correct here. Much less that Leia appears to be almost completely unharmed except for the need for oxygen. Like seriously; the lighting isn't the greatest, but there doesn't even seem to be any burns on her clothes! And look at the walls! Scorch marks everywhere! Maybe if the description gets very specific about something, next time I should expect it to be a success? It wouldn't be the first time, though the specificity happened on the same page as the success for the instance I remember.

I guess a tractor beam could be how they got her body back inside? A more likely cause would be that she just drifted towards a safe spot on the winds of narrative causality. It doesn't make a ton of sense, but if the directors/writers didn't want to actually kill her, this would be a reasonable way to do it. Just drifting along towards the door, maybe with Leia held still in frame to show the Raddus turning slightly. The pacing for the movie might be a little off, but assuming Kylo was recalled and the Resistance is going to make another hyperjump, a calm moment of drifting would at least fit here.


GM: Leia’s unconscious form feels the gentle tug of the tractor beam.
GM: She floats back towards the shattered bridge, through the debris, and into the airlock.
Edgar: Get medics! She’ll have the bends!
BB-8: Isn’t that when you go from high pressure to normal pressure?
Edgar: The unbends, then. She’ll have the straights!
PZ-4CO: Out of the way! Is anyone here a relative?!
Kaydel Ko Connix: She’s General Organa! Her only family are Luke Amidala and Rey!
Edgar: I hear she was going to let Allan ask her out. I’m practically her brother-in-law!
Kaydel Ko Connix: {sotto voce} And where are they now? I’d make a better daughter than that Rey.

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Published: Sunday, 14 May, 2023; 03:03:48 PDT.
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