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Episode 2293: Deep Shock Galactic


One way to make things complicated for your heroes is to make them realise that the most dangerous thing for them to do is the thing they most want to do.

If you have any adventurers who have backstories that set them up as wanting to achieve some life goal, then give them the chance to do it, but make it morally questionable for them to do it. They can find their long-lost brother, but it will bring about the downfall of a kingdom. They can gain admittance into the most prestigious wizard academy in the land, but it will unleash unspeakable extraplanar evil on the land. They can save the orphaned street urchins of the city, but it will allow wererats to take over the streets and rule the night.

Just set up the situation and watch the fun as they try to juggle priorities.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Very impressive Corey. While I suspect that Pete would still pick his own characters over the Galaxy in the end, getting him to think otherwise is quite the feat. That's probably the key to getting Pete's characters to care about others more though. Just present the choices as "improve self some" versus "improve others a little bit so they give you a lot in return". I don't know if that could be something that happens within the movie plots, but that would be an interesting event in the comic.

So something about the books and/or tree stump seems concerning to Rey. Or perhaps what Luke said to Rey about the books? It'd be amusing if Luke showed up here to yell at Rey for thinking about touching his books, but that's unlikely to be the case with the movie's ominous presentation. I give it decent odds that Rey sneaks back here to look through them later however. Unless it's a one-off thing like that medallion (maybe?), this feels too important to just leave alone.


Luke: Listen to me, Rey! This is even more important for you, because of your heritage.
Luke: Nute arranged your birth. Obviously he thinks he can use you.
Luke: Everything you do, you need to be mindful of how it could play into his hands.
Luke: Or electronic sensors. Or whatever.
Rey: Are you saying I need to temper my ambitions? Think of others before myself?
Luke: Exactly! For the sake of the Galaxy!
GM: Wow. You may have succeeded in getting one of Pete’s characters to think about someone other than herself.
Rey: I might need to weigh this up for a bit...

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Published: Sunday, 09 April, 2023; 02:11:02 PDT.
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