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Episode 2280: Fish Shtick


If you're going to have someone do something menial, like catching food, try to depict it in the most interesting and dangerous way possible.

Someone wants to refill their waterskins? Sure! Have them have to dangle upside down from a precarious rock balanced over dangerous rapids. None of this "walk up to the gentle riverbank and just dip them into the slowly flowing water".

Unless there are crocodiles. There should always be crocodiles.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Luke really giving off "I'm not going anywhere" vibes here. Either this is a set-up for demonstrating to Luke just how important it is to come back to the Resistance, or this is actually a whole thing about Rey trying to get Luke to teach her and Luke not wanting to. I suppose that would make sense, though that doesn't exactly feel like something Star Wars would want to do.

I do like the environmental scene setting that's showing up here. There's the giant fish thing Luke's carrying (which I did have to look twice at to tell it was being carried and not underwater), there's the little nest for those bird things, and of course Luke's been here long enough to figure out how to spearfish from like 50ft away. And of course, Luke looks like he's basically ignoring Rey as best he can. Heck, even Chewbacca's disappeared, having probably gone back to the Falcon to get out of the weather.


Luke: The milk stops Snoke or Kylo Ren from finding us. But we can still complete your Force training.
Luke: Come on.
Luke: I lead Rey to a cleft in the cliffs that drops to the sea.
Luke: I use a long pole to leap across to the far cliff.
Rey: Should I follow?
Luke: No, watch.
Luke: I use the sharp tip of the pole to to spear a spetan channelfish.
[SFX]: Jab!
Rey: {following Luke carrying the fish through pouring rain} Is this the first lesson?
Luke: Nah. This is sushi. I’m hungry.
Rey: I’m glad you’ve reversed the Mister Miyagi shtick and you’re the one doing the menial tasks.

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Published: Thursday, 09 March, 2023; 01:11:04 PST.
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