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Episode 2268: Brute Force


The mysterious teacher training montage is a classic in film, all the way back to Episode V and Yoda of course. You can make use of this trope in your games easily enough, but also consider subverting it or twisting it in some unusual way. Mysterious teachers tend to have bizarre personalities anyway, so what's a bit more wackiness? It certainly isn't going to hurt, and could make your wizened mentor more memorable than the plethora who have gone before.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hiiii Chewie! I was wondering if you'd make an appearance soon!

Heck of an introduction to the movie for him. I'm gonna guess we'll need to wait for everyone to get back to the ship to see Artoo though. That looked like a ton of stairs for a droid like him to try and climb up, and Chewbacca probably has better things to do than carry an astromech droid up a bunch of stairs on a machine-deficient island. Pete would want both characters around of course, but Pete hasn't managed to work around the movie panels yet as far as I remember.

Aha, sometimes you don't need to use the Force? I suppose next we'll learn that too much Force usage leads to other beings leaking in from other dimensions and that the real purpose of finishing one's training is to know how to not use the Force too much and... wait a minute, that's a completely different series involving wizards on space elephants on a large turtle. I'm certain though that we're deviating from the movie plot heavily here with the odd training bit. Luke looks very grumpy at having his front door punched in; the call to adventure is gonna drag you back in one way or another, dude! Or at the very least, I imagine either your sister wants you back to help the Rebellion Resistance out again, or that Rey can't take "No training" for an answer because of some other reason besides the story need to have another lightsaber duel later in the movie. Perhaps things are setting up for a Rey versus Snoke fight?


Rey: I’m writing down what I’m going to do. Here.
[SFX]: honk honk {porgs honking}
GM: Hmm. Okay.
GM: Luke, you’re sitting peacefully in the hut waiting for Rey’s next move, when:
[SFX]: Smash!! {Chewbacca bashes the hut door open}
[SFX]: Clang! {the door cartwheels across the room}
[SFX]: Crunch! {the door smashes into the wall}
Luke: Chewie! What are you doing here?
Chewbacca: Rey here informed me that a pesky door was intervening in her desire to communicate with you.
Luke: Good. The first thing to know about the Force is sometimes you don’t need the Force.
Luke: For allies can be your ally, and a powerful ally they can be.
Luke: So how did you know I was in here?
Rey: It was screamingly obvious.
Luke: You didn’t use the Force?
Rey: No.
Luke: Excellent, you’re learning quickly!

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Published: Thursday, 09 February, 2023; 01:11:05 PST.
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