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Episode 2265: Let’s Train! Explain? Ask Vainly, Then Complain


You can give your players notes, but you can't make them share them...

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hehehe, now it is Corey's turn to be the crazy one! And this nicely explains Rey wanting to know about her birth-mother before anything more about Luke, it's actually Pete trying to skip ahead in the story! I wonder how long Corey can string this out; if he remembers the bit about roleplaying training for improvement, I bet he could easily make it much longer than the GM expects.

Thinking about it more, I do wonder why movie-Luke is acting this way. Tossing the lightsaber over his shoulder and then walking away doesn't look like it'd match up with "Force User training" of any kind. Plus, I just realized that it's not just the back lighting with the beard looking odd; Luke actually looks grumpy. And while I personally understand having a routine interrupted as a cause for grumpiness, I doubt that we'd have that show up in a Star Wars movie. I can imagine the Irregulars considering having grumpy old man Luke complain about putting his "stare at the ocean" hour on hold due to the unexpected company. Possibly with a callback reference to the Tatooine Times delivery thrown in somewhere later as well before Luke gets dragged off-planet by this movie's adventure like "Old Ben" did in the original movie.


Luke: The second thing we need to do is complete your training. Sorry I’ve neglected it for so long.
Rey: You mean the Path to the Light Side.
Luke: No. The Paths don’t mean anything. I never completed the Path to the Light Side. Did that stop me doing the right thing?
Rey: I dunno... Ten year hiatus in training me... Lying about my parents...
Luke: First exercise: hide and seek. Look away, count to one hundred, and then find me.
Rey: Seriously?
Luke: It’s a small island. Shouldn’t take you long.
Rey: What about my mother?
Luke: Later. Your training is more important. Look away!
Rey: Was this in the notes you gave to Corey?
GM: I just gave him info about your mother.
Rey: You didn’t tell him to tell me straight away?
GM: Where’s the fun in that?

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Published: Thursday, 02 February, 2023; 01:11:10 PST.
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