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Episode 2239: War of the Words, a Radio Ploy


If someone makes a clearly ridiculous fast talk attempt against a character you're controlling, try playing along for a bit to see just how much deeper they can dig themselves.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

This is really starting to feel like there could have been a conversation between Hux and Allan somehow in the movie. Granted, this probably spliced up frames of Hux telling the First Order to not be concerned about the single one-man fighter flying at them and Allan telling the Resistance to do something. But that face two comics ago would not be one I'd find reasonable to listen to for their knowledge. And this is still in like the first 3 minutes of the movie, not counting the opening scroll.

That all said, the comic still has to use the movie (and deleted scenes) for the panels. And while I can see the presentation of a scene being twisted to mean something else, that scene would still be shown. So... maybe there's something going to happen that could be explained by all of the ship captains temporarily losing their sanity? The only thing I can think of would be the ships suddenly firing on each other (and be a confusion effect in-comic), which would still be really weird. This isn't Star Trek where ships can pull the Picard Maneuver to appear where they aren't.


{General Hux and Allan continue to speak to one another over radio, Hux on board the Finalizer, Allan on his X-wing}
General Hux: So, “Administrator Snoke”, what is it that you wish me to do?
Allan: Call off the attack on the Resistance!
General Hux: The attack that you infiltrated the Resistance to enable?
Allan: That’s the one.
General Hux: The one that you want them to quake in fear of when they intercept this conversation?
Allan: Can I make myself any clearer?
General Hux: Might I inquire as to why you desire this offensive halted? We have the Resistance at our mercy. Dare I say: quaking in fear.
Allan: Exactly! It’s too easy!
General Hux: Well. I have an idea for how to make it more difficult.
Allan: How so?
General Hux: If you talk directly to my captains, that should give them all brain aneurysms.
Allan: Perfect!

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Published: Sunday, 04 December, 2022; 01:11:06 PST.
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