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Episode 2200: An Unexpected Twist


Weapons with cool flanges and greebly bits might be less practical in real life, but you don't have to let that spoil the coolness factor within your game. We've all seen impractical weapons wielded with deadly accuracy and force in fiction. So there's no reason not to go with the flow and just enjoy whatever overly decorative ideas you have to make your weapon look awesome.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Wow, those stupid things are actually getting used? And here I'd thought they were just for decoration and to be something eye-catching in the sequel movies. This has to be some extremely edge case usage though as most Jedi/Sith would probably just twist themselves out of the way of the crossguard or disengage from the blade lock.

Hmmm, if Rey is waking up at this point, then maybe she'll be able to rescue Finn and herself. At the very least, I could see her successfully shooting at Kylo and driving him off. Oh! Or maybe actually hitting him and then Kylo just appears to be dead! Pete, having min-maxed for tech and engineering skills, might not have managed to get First Aid fit into his build to be able tell if he's dead or not. And Annie might just roll with that as a roleplaying thing of Finn not being in any shape to make that kind of medical judgement.


Finn: Now we see who’s more determined.
[SFX]: kzrzkk zkrzzk...
Kylo Ren: No. Now we see who has the better weapon.
[SFX]: kzrzkk zkrzzk...
Finn: The crossguards on that sword won’t protect you.
Kylo Ren: They’re not meant to protect me. It’s a weapon.
[SFX]: kzrzkk zkrzzk...
Kylo Ren: I twist my sword until the crossguard sears Finn’s shoulder.
Finn: Yaaaarggghhh!!
[SFX]: sszZZ!!
GM: Pete, make another Recovery roll.
Rey: 13.
GM: You open your eyes and see Kylo and Finn standing a short distance away.
Rey: I’m glad you didn’t do anything stupid while I was out.
Finn: I attacked Kylo Ren with my laser sword.
Rey: Well... I’m glad you’re still alive and able to scream.
Finn: Aaaaargghh!!

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Published: Sunday, 04 September, 2022; 02:11:06 PDT.
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