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Episode 2190: Curse of the Speeder Woman


It's not a flaw unless it comes up in play.

Corollary: The best flaws come up in play a lot.

As a GM, you should constantly be looking for opportunities to make character flaws/disadvantages/weaknesses matter. You don't need to be overly harmful to the characters about it, but it should make some active difference to the game play.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

The hexagon building is exploding? Heck yeah! Slow base explosion here we go! It's probably not gonna take out any of the named bad guys though as it wouldn't be personal enough, but maybe the fighters above can do something about that. Allan and BB-8 haven't done anything significant after all.

Ahahahahaha! Corey should be taking notes on flaw implementation here; there's so much mileage being taken out of this single flaw! And normally I'd feel bad about pointing out things that a GM missed, but here Annie is doing it to herself! (and Pete)

And I agree with Annie in the last panel. While plotting things out is plenty of fun, random happenstance events where you can play off of someone else feel much more fun and enjoyable.


GM: Outside, Finn and Rey climb a snowy rise as the hexagon building explodes behind them.
[SFX]: Boom!
Rey: How long since I had those blue milk bread rolls?
[SFX]: Boom! Boom!
GM: Three days. And you’ve engaged in strenuous physical activity.
Rey: We need to run!
Finn: Where’s that speeder you said was parked out here?
Rey: Oh, good idea!
Finn: I remember, it was such a great parking spot.
Rey: Yeah, it should be right—
GM: It was parked too close to the building, and has been destroyed by the explosions.
Rey: Can’t I ever get an even break?
GM: Doesn’t that flaw say “Never Gets a Good Parking Spot”?
Rey: ... Do you two conspire on this sort of stuff?
Finn: It’s way more fun when it happens organically.

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Published: Thursday, 11 August, 2022; 02:11:10 PDT.
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