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Episode 2177: Ego Is Not Unhurt at Third


People's lives intersect in many different ways. A dramatic hero (or a villain) has many significant encounters with other people. So many that for them, they blend together into a sea of half-remembered, unimportant memories. Whereas to a regular person who interacts with a major hero/villain just once or twice in their whole lives, that same encounter is a life-changing event.

You can take advantage of this in a game by introducing characters who the players might not remember (because in fact they never played any game sessions involving them), but who their characters made a significant impression on.

For example, the heroes probably never gave a second thought to the stableboy/girl who took their horses when they checked into that traveller's inn two years ago. In fact, the stablehand may not even have been mentioned explicitly during the game. But that meeting may have changed the stablehand's life. They were inspired by meeting actual adventurers face to face for the first time, and vowed to become an adventurer themselves, leave their sleepy village, and go out in to the world to seek their fortune.

And then later the heroes might run into the stablehand again, now a few years older, and perhaps in trouble. The stablehand will gush, "I never thought you'd be the ones to rescue me! You inspired me to become an adventurer! We met at the inn back in the village of Phelott, remember?" And the heroes honestly won't remember at all.

It'll be interesting watching how the players roleplay their way through this awkward meeting.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Shipping in Star Wars is so unfortunately stuck behind the scenes. The logistics of anything large scale is truly astounding. Even something as simple as "selling toilet paper" requires a huge amount of coordination and effort to first make it, and that wouldn't even touch on the background coordination/effort required to get the equipment to make the toilet paper in the first place. And once it's made? There's gonna need to be storage, transportation, sales... All to be able to buy a few rolls of toilet paper.

So a freighter pilot? Definitely a respectable job to have, especially if it's for some place like Coruscant that would need huge deliveries practically hourly in order to keep functioning. Of course, respectable is boring, so I get why it never shows up. The only reasonable way I can see shipping freighters showing up in a Star Wars movie is if there's a resource raid being shown. Or an attempt at espionage; who'd suspect the freighters that aren't worthy of attention to have spies inside?

So is this most important day the day Kylo ran into Anakin's Force ghost? Unless Kylo's a lot older than he looks, there wouldn't be any time to have a living meeting. Or maybe it's only Luke and a few others that know Darth Vader was actually Padmé, so Kylo only thinks it involved Anakin. Having wrong knowledge and acting on that would be a great character trait to have, especially when the other players want to correct that once they find out. Ooo, maybe this will be what gets Mr. Noname tossed down the pit! He just won't be able to resist correcting that assumption!


Kylo Ren: My father was a respectable freighter pilot. You shot him and stole his ship. A “hero” at ten paces.
(No Name): I’m sorry. I don’t remember any of it.
Kylo Ren: You don’t remember?!
(No Name): For you, the day I killed your father was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Taungsday.
Kylo Ren: Actually, it was the second most important day of my life.
(No Name): Ah, see, it wasn’t even that bad for you.
Kylo Ren: The most important day involved Anakin, not you.
Rey: Oooh, low blow!
Finn: Huh?
Rey: Kylo is going for dad’s ego.

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Published: Tuesday, 12 July, 2022; 02:11:03 PDT.
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