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Episode 2173: I’m in the Middle, You Know What I Mean


Stealth is good, but sometimes you want to make a loud noise to attract attention. For the good old diversion, or to bluff an enemy that your forces are greater in number than they are in reality. And to really get bang for your buck, you want to make a loud noise when they're not expecting it, so you need stealth beforehand.

So yeah. Just copy what Jim did here.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

... Really? Really?? This can't have happened in the movie anywhere close to the comic. Why on earth would Han OR Mr. No-name want to get Kylo's attention here? Chewbacca's not called, radioed, or otherwise indicated he's in position to blow anything up at all yet. This is just asking to get caught or shot. Or both.

And yet, in panel 5, we can definitely see Kylo on the catwalk with someone (presumably Mr. No-name) walking towards the catwalk as well. So something weird is going on. Maybe that's actually Chewbacca going towards the catwalk? That'd feel off with the other panels shown however.

Up until that point though, Jim was doing an excellent job roleplaying. Surprisingly so in fact. So sure, this might just be an extension of Jim's off-the-wall roleplaying that explains a lot of the crazy things that Han Solo did or was around in the movies. But even if movie-Kylo somehow noticed movie-Han in the reverse of this situation, why wouldn't Kylo pull the usual Force Stasis move to start? It worked on Allan Poe, it worked on Rey, no reason it wouldn't work on Han as well. And then the troopers can show up again from wherever they vanished to as well when they're no longer useful except as flunkies to stand around.


GM: The troopers have scattered to search the chamber, leaving Kylo Ren alone.
(No Name): I sneak over to watch him. 17 for Stealth.
GM: Wow. Kylo doesn’t notice you.
Kylo Ren: I need a vantage point. Is this a catwalk running right across the room?
GM: Yes.
Kylo Ren: Perfect. I head out there.
GM: Mr No-name?
(No Name): I stay hidden until he’s well out there, then sneak over, making sure he’s not looking this way, and ready to duck behind cover if he turns.
GM: Okay. This is really good stealth behaviour. Nice description.
(No Name): I slink furtively over to the near end of the catwalk.
GM: Yeess...?
(No Name): Hey! Kylo!

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Published: Sunday, 03 July, 2022; 02:11:06 PDT.
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