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Episode 2167: Into the Belly of the Blast


If you establish something as a pattern in your game - no matter how strange or silly - then it becomes the expected thing. If you then break that pattern, it becomes unnerving, even if in reality it would be considered normal. You can use this technique to give a creepy or unsettling air to anything that wouldn't normally cause someone to think twice.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ah, Mr. Nameless. That does read better than ____.

I'm getting the feeling that this is a part of the barrel for the cannon. The scale is probably all completely wrong if it is, but I'm having a hard enough time judging distances from the still panels. Maybe it's a Mandelbrotian side channel of a side channel? This seems like a much better location to look to sabotage than just inside a maintenance door at the very least.

And yes, something is definitely wrong here. Railings? Someone's going to get a major injury here at the very least. There's practically no instances where a railing shows up and trouble doesn't happen. Warning lights? I don't think those have ever been pointed out in the text.


GM: Chewie and... Mr Nameless open a series of blast doors, revealing a narrow passage into the depths of the hexagon.
[SFX]: psshh...
(No Name): If there are blast doors, whatever’s in here must be vulnerable to blasting.
Chewbacca: Or whatever’s in there explodes a lot and needs to be contained.
(No Name): Either way is good! C’mon!
GM: You pass through a tight corridor and emerge into a vast chamber.
GM: The open space is girt by a series of catwalks on multiple levels, connected by exposed stairs.
Chewbacca: All pretty standard.
GM: The walkways are protected by railings, marked with glowing red warning lights.
Chewbacca: Something is terribly, terribly wrong here.

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Published: Sunday, 19 June, 2022; 02:11:06 PDT.
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