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Episode 2155: Improv Theatre


Meeting someone's family is an opportunity for all sorts of awkward roleplaying situations. Sure, your party of adventurers gets along fine in the dungeon, but try visiting the home village of one of them and meeting their family.

The fighter can introduce everyone to their down-to-earth farm family. The wizard might have a younger sibling who always wanted to be a wizard too, but either wasn't cut out for it, or is maybe only now seeking to apprentice to a more experienced spellslinger (perhaps their older relative!). The rogue's family doesn't know what they do for a living - maybe they assumed their child has become a respectable merchant or something, so the party has to keep their true occupation a secret.

Family provides many options for intrigue and hilarity. Sometimes both at once.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah, so it's not just me that thought the hug was odd. And now I'm wondering if any of Zeppo's previous aliases had last names aside from Han Solo. Probably not as most people aren't going to shout their full name when they're dying.

So... back to the Falcon now. This is definitely going to be interrupted somehow. The question is, will it just be generic troopers that attack or is Kylo Ren going to find them first? There's a lot more troopers running around so we could get a chase scene, but narratively I think it would be more interesting if Kylo catches sight of them. Or maybe we'll get both! Extra long shot betting option for the X-wings causing complications as well.

I don't think that's quite fair to say, Rey. Landing far away from where the party currently is located is smart, given that the alternative (landing nearby) would mean the ship would have been immediately spotted and exploded. And an extremely bad parking spot would have been something like right on top of the hexagon base.


Zeppo: Hey! Why are you hugging my daughter? What are your intentions, young man?
Finn: It’s not like that, Zeppo.
Zeppo: You call me Mister... Do I have a surname?
GM: Not that you know of.
Zeppo: Mister Zeppo.
Rey: Go along with it, Finn. It’ll maintain our cover.
Finn: Uh, sure, Mister Zeppo.
Zeppo: Come on. We gotta move.
Rey: Where are we going?
Zeppo: The Falcon. It’s a couple of hours walk across the snow.
{Chewbacca sees and picks up Zeppo’s previously discarded snow jacket}
Rey: So that’s where I got my parking skills.
Chewbacca: If you don’t need this jacket, can I have it?.
Zeppo: Hey! Nice find! I’ll take that!
Chewbacca: <sigh> Good improvisation.

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Published: Sunday, 22 May, 2022; 02:11:05 PDT.
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