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Episode 2151: Random Encounter


All good plans begin with creating a diversion.

So do all bad plans. Creating a diversion is just a thing you do when executing plans. It's like Step 1.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ok, I'm still a little skeptical of the whole thing, but this is a fair reason to have the focus on the alcove again in the previous comic. It'd be a good thing to have a brief reminder that that's where Rey still is in the movie, especially if the movie quickly pulls back to this room the trio is in. Presumably, in the movie, there's something such as the Force, that keys Rey in on that being the proper time to come out of the alcove. I would be very skeptical if the trio here was somehow able to converse with Rey at a distance at this point.

Hmmm, so now the trio has their goal in sight. Just need to get across the giant room.... then up the wall.... and then figure out where Rey disappeared from there. All while not getting caught by troopers running around looking for Rey or heading to the control room that turned the shield off. Maybe they can hack the PA system, if one exists? Broadcasting would give away their immediate location, but they could at least notify Rey to head down and meet up. Something like that would be vague enough that the First Order couldn't immediately home in on Rey's location I think.


GM: While Rey wrestles with the meaning of her life, what are Finn, Zeppo, and Chewie doing?
Finn: We’re sneaking around, trying to find Rey.
Zeppo: We won’t find her by sneaking around at random.
Finn: We won’t? Oh.
Zeppo: We need a plan!
Chewbacca: Oh, here we go...
Zeppo: First, we create a diversion.
Finn: Like having the Resistance fleet attack?
Rey: All right, I exit the coffin and see if the guards have moved on.
GM: Zeppo spots Rey through a window, emerging from an alcove on the far wall.
Chewbacca: Thank you.
Zeppo: That diversion worked better than I thought!
Finn: Huh. {watching Rey climb up the wall}

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Published: Thursday, 12 May, 2022; 02:11:03 PDT.
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