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Episode 2137: Fate Against Railing


People who do things a lot tend to get good at them. Some games have mechanics that reflect this. There are games in which you record whenever you use a skill, and when you accumulate a certain number of uses, you gain an improvement in that skill. Generally the skill uses need to be during genuine action, or under duress - you can't get better at picking locks by repeatedly opening and closing the same lock while you're watching TV.

Some games require that each use of the skill be successful in order for it to count as one of the uses that gain you experience. Other games take the exact opposite approach, and reward you when you fail at a skill, based on the principle that you learn more from your failures than you do from successes.

It's always amusing when different games do things in exactly the opposite way, each one claiming their rule is more realistic.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Climbing over the edge for something? Alright, not what I would have expected Rey to do. Which would normally mean that it's a great idea for avoiding detection, but anyone on the opposite side of the chasm could look across and see something moving where there shouldn't be anything. Radioing the troops on Rey's side to lean over and check it out would mean that Rey is effectively caught without cover and an easy target to shoot.

And she looks like she's going to keep climbing down in that last panel for some reason. Why? I have no clue. The GM didn't mention anything that Pete would be able to do down there, and unless Rey talks to herself, the movie probably doesn't mention why she'd want to climb down either. This seems like the sort of alternate path a player would use in a video game to skip a bunch of fights as part of a speedrun. Which would only be possible by knowing ahead of time where they need to go to beat this level and continue the story by the typical "go to <location x>" text that video games give the player as an anti-frustration measure.


GM: While you’re thinking, multiple footsteps approach from the passage behind you.
[SFX]: tromp tromp tromp...
Rey: I sling my blaster to free my hands, sneak carefully to the edge, and climb over the railing. 13 for Stealth.
GM: Actually...
Rey: There’s no railing, is there?
GM: Jabba cut a lot of corners.
Rey: Are there any handholds on the wall below?
GM: There are some narrow vertical recesses with irregular girders that could potentially form a makeshift ladder.
Rey: Okay. I climb down. I roll... 8, with 12 ranks in Climbing.
GM: <roll>... You climb below the lip of the corridor just before you hear a patrol enter and turn right above you.
Rey: How far down is the floor?
GM: About 40 metres. But the handholds give out not far below you.
Rey: I don’t suppose the patrol above would fall off the edge accidentally.
GM: They have a lot of practice avoiding precipitous edges.

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Published: Sunday, 10 April, 2022; 02:11:05 PDT.
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