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Episode 2103: Listening to D’Qar Radio


Lots of people have nicknames. So RPG characters can and should too!

Give your character a formal given name, and then think about what nickname they can have. Or even let your fellow players come up with nicknames for each other's characters in-game. You can base them on early exploits that you have as adventurers.

Tarlon "Orc-Smasher" Brock. Wennia "Firebrand" Wurtel. Jazzen "Chewed by an owlbear" Sturmon.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ok, there's gotta be some joke I'm missing with that character. I can't imagine she's another child of Leia and Han in the movie and just be a background character compared to Rey though. Something to try and remember to look at in.... four years? Four plus years. Whenever the Episode IX comics have finished anyway. We're almost at 2 years(!) for Episode VII and I'd been expecting things to look like they're starting to wrap up about 30 comics ago.

So. Both sides now have the knowledge that the Peace Moon fires backwards in time. I'm having a hard time figuring out how the GM will be able to work this into the rest of the game as the Peace Moon not firing again in the movies seems quite wasteful. And something with time travel like this would require cooperation from the players to have events properly time-loop. Unless Team Good Guy decides to break the universe in response or something of course. "Causality? Who cares about that if we're dead!"

You've certainly been very cryptic so far, Mister Totally-not-a-space-nun. And if you, Chewbacca (or reader of this comment!), were told, you'd die, so I bet C-3PO and Artoo are still the only people to have put the puzzle pieces together in game and figure out who this cryptic NPC is. Though perhaps that was only due to where the telling would have taken place and the Resistance is safe on D'Qar, while we're safe on the Internet.


GM: Let’s go back to D’Qar. Sally, can I get you to be Temmin Wexley? I have some notes for you.
Snap Wexley: If I can be nicknamed “Snap”.
GM: Er... sure. Why?
Snap Wexley: My parents were trying to agree on a name and both said “I give up” at the same time.
Kaydel Ko Connix: {in background} Wish I had a fun parent.
Snap Wexley: It appears that the First Order intended to destroy Chandrila, the capital of the New Republic.
Snap Wexley: We’ve confirmed R2-D2’s hypothesis. The Hosnian system was in the way because the Peace Moon beam travels backwards in time.
Snap Wexley: Five planets orbited the star Thetan Hausig VIII, all destroyed 50 years ago.
Finn: Was there anything in that system?
Snap Wexley: One populated world, tragically, but nothing of particular note.
Caluan Ematt: It was a Black Alpha source.
Snap Wexley: A what?
Caluan Ematt: Decades ago I came across subtle multi-layer encrypted signals permeating space. My wife and I kept tabs on them.
Caluan Ematt: It’s Nute Gunray’s comms network. Now the First Order’s using it. You join the dots.
Chewbacca: Or you could do it for us.
Caluan Ematt: I wouldn’t be a cryptic NPC then, would I?

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Published: Thursday, 20 January, 2022; 01:11:04 PST.
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