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Episode 2101: Map Goggles


Immature angst can make a very playable roleplaying adventure. There are tons of teen movies—including many good ones—based pretty much entirely on this premise, so there's no shortage of inspirational material.

In fact, there are many existing games that make teenage angst a feature:

So if you have the idea of running a game or adventure where teens are dealing with romantic relationships, bullies, and popularity contests while trying to battle monsters or save the world, you're in very good company.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Everything, eh? Sounds like Snoke should have put more resources into collecting the map if he feels that strongly about having it. A couple small fleets of TIE fighters and a dropship or two do not a serious attempt make for something that's "everything". Even sending a single star destroyer to patrol the space above the planet would have been a better showing. That could have prevented the Resistance from sending their own ships down to the planet as they lack the new hyperdrive module, which in turn could have kept the X-wing rescue from happening. Heck, the First Order might have even obtained the experimental hyperdrive if the Millennium Falcon was found as well, even if Quiggold claimed they don't care about it.


Snoke: Enough immature angst! Did you find the map to Ahch-To?
Kylo Ren: Solo had it, but the Resistance has it now. We’ll offer an exchange.
Snoke: And if they don’t agree?
Kylo Ren: With her, I can find Luke Amidala without the map.
Snoke: No!! You’ll never track down the lost world of Ahch-To without a map. That map is everything. We must have it.
Snoke: Any other bad news?
General Hux: Oh, I have a doozy.
Snoke: Go on...
General Hux: All Administrators of evil factions which recently blew up the capital of the New Republic, raise your hands...
General Hux: Not so fast!

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Published: Sunday, 16 January, 2022; 01:11:05 PST.
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