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Episode 2093: Duel of the Fates


If there's a chance of someone ever reading your mind in a game, have a prepared script of stuff to spout on the occasion. Incoherent and rambling is a good way to simulate the mess inside one's head when someone tries to probe it for juicy secrets.

And if you're a GM, you can certainly use this method to make mind probes a bit more cryptic and interesting than just exposing exactly what the heroes want to find out.

Note for fans of our guest commentaries: Keybounce has been too busy to write for some time. It's not clear if he will catch up, but we'll let you know if he does. We're removing his box from now on to tidy things up a bit.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Kylo is definitely Melodramatic, so props to Sally for playing that trait up! He still looks like a total doofus, but I suppose Sally can't do anything about that.

Well this is an interesting way to get backstory. I think I'm with Pete here though; this doesn't sound like a pleasant thing to encounter. Hopefully Sally doesn't feel the need to go into further gross details, though I'll admit I'm curious what kind of story she's made up. Did Kylo start the Knights of Ren or take it over? Did the First Order offer the commander position as recruitment or was it an idea of Snoke's as a part of starting the First Order up with Nute?


Kylo Ren: I use a Fate point.
Rey: Well, if I don’t use mine, I’m screwed. I spend my Fate point.
Kylo Ren: Hah, I use my second Fate point!
Rey: You have more than one?
Kylo Ren: I took three levels of Overly Melodramatic to pay for it.
GM: You can’t use more than one Fate per action. And since you’re opposed, they cancel each other out. Roll again.
Kylo Ren: Well, all I have to do is tie this roll and you’re doomed in the next round. 15.
Rey: 20! Oh yeah!
Kylo Ren: Noooooooo!
GM: Rey breaks through. Kylo’s mind is laid bare before her.
Kylo Ren: My childhood! I never meant to... Noo! The boy! Dirt and blood! Pain! Infection! Make it stop!
Rey: Ew... Can I take that back?

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Published: Tuesday, 28 December, 2021; 01:11:05 PST.
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