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Episode 1992: Affine Bromance


Never make things too easy. Especially with maps.

A map might purport to show the heroes exactly where they need to go to get what they want. But it'd be boring if there were no complications along the way. Herewith, some complications!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huh! Well that makes using the map a lot more difficult. I was sort of wondering if the trail was created showing a direction of travel or if the characters would need to try and figure out which side to go to. This is much so worse. I wonder if this is also a movie plot point; it'd be weird to have this important map not actually get used in the movie.

I know nothing about affine-invariant cross-correlation whatsits, except that map warping and wrong scale don't matter. I bet that there's a bunch of intentionally removed planets or stars, or that only part of the scale is wrong. Like if all of the moons in a quarter section of the displayed map are planet-sized while the planets are moon-sized or star-sized. Lots of extra fake planets could also make it difficult to pull out the useful location data as well.

Or maybe this is only part of a map and the rest of the data is elsewhere. That could make for a neat follow-up if there's a message saying as such, which could lead to a possible race with the villain team. The only problem there would be that the villains have no reason to look for the rest of the data instead of just hunting down the good guys. Sure, that wouldn't get Luke personally killed, but if Luke doesn't have anyone to meet up with, it's the same result in the end right?

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

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Finn: All right. We’ve got a map. Let’s go!
GM: Not so fast...
GM: Corey, a note.
BB-8: Oh, man! I’m checking Galactic nav charts and I can’t find anything that matches the region shown in this map.
Finn: That can’t be.
BB-8: It’s reading right, man!
Rey: Well, you’re not reading it right.
BB-8: It’s a trivial pattern match.
Rey: It is?
Yanni: Yeah, a straightforward affine-invariant cross-correlation should pull it out instantly, even if the map is warped or the scale is wrong.
GM: Right. What Jim said.
Rey: One of these days he’s going to contradict you. Then what’ll you do?
GM: Invent a desert planet off the top of my head and roll up a throwaway NPC who goes on to subjugate the Galaxy?
Yanni: Awesome!

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Published: Thursday, 06 May, 2021; 02:11:09 PDT.
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