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Episode 1965: Survival of the Fastest


Many games use the same tried and true words for their character statistics and attributes. Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity for example. Some seek to present something with a different feel, and go for synonyms such as Might, Intellect, Common Sense, Agility, or whatever. However, there are only so many words that mean roughly the same thing. So really outré games might plump for less commonly used words.

If you find yourself designing a game where new players need to be told what the name of an attribute means, then maybe you should consider using one of the more well-known words.

On the other hand, a good trick to adapt a game for a custom setting is to rename the attributes. You can be playing the same game, but changing "Strength" to "Brawn" and "Intelligence" to "Brains" gives it a whole different flavour (perhaps one more suited to a superhero genre game).

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Back in #1961, I said you only had to be faster than the next guy. Now, Rey is saying the same thing, and about to leave Finn behind.

So what is Pete likely to do? Pete wants to find Poe. Pete/Rey's big lead on finding Poe is Finn. So... yea, Rey's going to have to save Finn in order to find Poe.

These images are really hard to follow, sadly. Still, it looks like Rey only needs to attack a tentacle with... oh, no 10-foot pole? No blasters? No lightsaber? Just your bare hands? Why, what is this, a version of Colossal Cave? :-)

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

It definitely seems like the old grappling rules aren't in use any more, which is good! No game system is perfect, so adding in some house rules that everyone agrees on are great ways to continue to use a system without starting over from scratch with a new edition or completely new game systems.

I have to wonder though why this rathtar is actively attacking the people not-Xasha/Yanni. Sure they're distractions, but they don't seem to be actually getting in the way of the hunt. Maybe these are just the minions of the rathtar with the grudge and just want to eat everyone they come across. I suppose that would depend on what senses the rathtars are using; vibration or tremorsense use would definitely be confused by the additional bodies moving around.

Unless the rathtars have a weakness we haven't seen yet or some actual weapons are used, I'm not sure how Finn is going to get out of this one. Maybe the frame with the yellow light over it is a blast door of some kind and Rey can shut it before Finn gets pulled in and devoured? Yanni/Chewbacca/BB-8 are nowhere to be seen and they've only been running away from the rathtars as well. Where's the anti-tank weaponry when you really need it?


GM: You turn a corner and see two Kanjiklubbers struggling with a rathtar.
Rey: Who’s winning?
GM: The rathtar.
Kanjiklub member: Arrrghh—
Rathtar: Here’s two more distractions.
[SFX]: Chomp! Crunch!
Finn: I suggest a new strategy, Rey.
Finn: We go this way. {pulls Rey down another corridor away from the rathtar}
Rathtar: {chasing them} The hunt never ends!
GM: What are your Celerity scores?
Finn: 13.
Rey: 15.
GM: Rey overtakes. The rathtar lashes out a tentacle. <roll>...
[SFX]: slam!
GM: It grabs Finn by the ankles! You hit the deck. <roll> 3 damage.
Rey: See, I don’t need to be faster than the rathtar. I only need to be faster than the guy next to me.
Finn: I am the guy next to you!
BB-8: Not for much longer.

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Published: Thursday, 04 March, 2021; 01:11:07 PST.
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