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Episode 1962: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boot


Disguises are good fun in a game. You may be tempted to just abstract them into a Disguise skill roll to see if the result is convincing. But instead try asking exactly what disguise elements a character is wearing.

That should be good for a few fun moments! And you then have the chance to use those details in subsequent encounters. How interesting would it be for someone's false moustache to fall off? Or for some clothing to be obviously ill-fitting?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uh oh; there's a Y name. Unless we can use non-English alphabetic characters, Xasha/Yanni is almost out of letters (æ ø å anyone?). After the first character I thought would live ended up being actually dead though, I'm feeling like the Irregulars are setting something up here with the sudden name change. This whole scene in the movie also feels like the movie is trying to show how much more dangerous things are/will be in the sequel trilogy. Though it would be a waste of Harrison Ford's talent to show up for 10(?) minutes of character reprisal before getting unceremoniously eaten by a random monster, so perhaps not. Not to mention, the identity "Han Solo" did last a large amount of time (764 to 1519), so maybe the character will survive for a while.

On the other hand, I could be reading into something that doesn't exist as we literally just had a Spit Out a Shoe moment. The timing in that is almost as comical as the action: "RAWR! Tentacle-monster attack! Grabbing and devouring everyone in their way! Now one will spit up the shoe of a just eaten guy completely undamaged." This is like the time where the dragonsnake tried to eat R2-D2, then spat him out into the trees with how much of a reversal this looks like. Tense moments of crash-landing through bumpy fog into the swamp (planet), then Artoo falling in, followed by periscope up into the grab by the giant snake-thing following behind. R2-D2 was dirty, but otherwise perfectly fine. I'd thought this moment with the rathtars was completely ludicrous compared to the original and prequel movies until I remembered the dragonsnake scene.

And is it just me, or is Corey starting to think like Jim here? That's an awful lot of trust that the rathtar won't think "more food!" from smelling this single boot. And why would it want to eat a droid anyway? BB-8 should be the least in danger of consumption here anyway, being a metal ball. Sure he might lose his head for a bit, but there's no fleshy parts to be concerned about regrowing.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Was it "Yanni", or "Laurel"? We might have just mis-heard him.

Looks like... whoever he is is getting ready to change names again. I wonder if he does any background checking on who he is pretending to be - no, clearly not, he didn't know enough to know someone was a shapeshifter, he doesn't make any attempt to disguise himself, etc. No, anyone that knew what the original looked like would out him instantly, unless he's pretending to be a shapeshifter in each disguise.

Which... what if all the "shapeshifters", other than the one, singular case of "shift on screen", is actually someone pretending to be someone else? I'm beginning to think this is the most likely, logical way to close what would otherwise be a horrible logic hole.

Now, an unsurpassable plan. Yep, Jim's plans are amazing in this regard. From Qui-Gon's race betting, to Padmé's... actually, what sort of crazy plans did Padmé have? Something about a Rebellion if I remember correctly? Then steal the identity of someone in debt to the nastiest mob boss in the sector, and... well, now.

Alright, time to do alphabet inventory. Han started with Alberto (A). If we look at all of Jim's characters, we've had (Han): A, ... F, G, H, ... T, U, V, , X, and now Y (or L). We had Qui-gon (Q), Padmé (P), Kyle Katarn (K), Bail Organa (B/O), Jyn Erso (B/T/J/E), Poe Dameron (D), and we had that banker Rikard Lovas (R/L).

By the end of all nine films, will Jim have a full alphabet? If Alberto was a serial identity thief before Jim stole his stealing, will we have some reconciliation on this by the end of Episode IX?


Xasha: Hey! Guard! What’s your name?
Yanni: Er... Yanni! Tell my wife— <gurgle>
GM: The rathtar swallows him.
[SFX]: glug!
Xasha: Great! I’ll steal his identity. In case we need to slip past some of his cronies.
Rathtar: You task me! I spit on you!
[SFX]: ptui!
GM: Yanni’s empty boot flies out of the rathtar’s maw.
[SFX]: clunk
Yanni (formerly Xasha): I wear the boot as a disguise!
Chewbacca: That’s hardly convincing...
Yanni: Also, now the rathtar thinks it’s already eaten me, so won’t chase me any more.
BB-8: If we stick together it won’t chase us either, Chewie!
Yanni: Now you’re thinking!
Chewbacca: I’m thinking I was wrong about your previous plans being unsurpassable.
Yanni: Thanks!

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Published: Thursday, 25 February, 2021; 01:11:05 PST.
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