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Episode 1952: Orange You Gonna Let Us In?


Technology is good for monitoring things. Video cameras are relatively cheap in the modern world, although they would be more expensive in settings pre-2000 or so. Magic can substitute in some fantasy worlds. Or of course there's always the fallback of paying someone to keep an eye out.

This is what people keeping watch is, by the way.

Think of people keeping watch as a sort of CCTV system. Only instead of being monitored in a central security post, they have to send messages by runner, or by physically going inside and reporting to someone. Any movie or TV scene involving people checking out surveillance cameras can be adapted to low tech using watch people. Those bits where they go back over the recordings to see stuff that happened earlier? Interview the watchers about anything unusual they saw the day before!

Groups of adventurers should consider the Town Watch an important resource for information gathering.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

No immediate danger, that's good. That ship isn't touching the ship the Falcon is in at the moment though on the CCTV, so that can't be the source of the noises. I'm not going to rule out the possibility there's still a stowaway that's just invisible to the cameras. Or the stowaway is hiding such that the cameras aren't pointing at them. While the large number of screens would make it seem like there's enough cameras to cover everywhere, there's only so much attention people have to give and at least three of those screens are external views.

Guavian Death Gang sounds like a backstory group since Chewbacca isn't objecting to the permission, and he's probably the savviest one in this particular crowd. It also sounds like something the GM or Jim made up for backstory while they were having a snack of fruit. Alternate options probably included the Killer Coconut Crew and the Mega Mango Movers. Perhaps this is a group the original Xasha knew, so keeping them out would mean something has obviously gone wrong.

Back to the first panel; the lighting here is very strange. Instead of the extremely harsh red light from before, now we've added some blues and yellows, a nice white spotlight, and sickly green sides. Lighting is usually used to help set the mood in movies, so now I have no idea what the director is aiming for here. This specific green reminds me of The Matrix or the Alien franchise, which are almost completely different types of science fiction to Star Wars. It also stands out quite a bit compared to the blue and red in the following scene/panels too.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

First, I like the security camera setup on that ship. Han and Chewie—well, make that Chewbacca—is taking security seriously for a change.

I like how Jim is playing someone that is suffering from hearing issues. I wonder where this might have happened - was it from the freezing? Has this been an issue since the Sarlacc pit? Is it getting worse with age? Is he unable to afford the advanced medical procedures we've seen that should be able to fix this sort of problem? Heck, does he have a standard hearing aid like we have today?

Now, "Guavian Deaf Gang", being a gang of fruit sellers with bad hearing, is right up there with "to Naboo soil" → "tuna booze oil". And lets not forget the Cheddar Monks. So misunderstanding what was said seems completely in-character for all of Jim's characters.

I'm curious if Jim himself has herring problems.


GM: You exit into the gloomy docking bay. The Falcon looks okay. <roll> You don’t see any movement.
[SFX]: scrape...
Chewbacca: I suggest checking the CCTV.
GM: Exterior cameras show a small ship approaching.
Chewbacca: Do we recognise it?
GM: <roll> The markings indicate it belongs to the Guavian Death Gang.
Finn: That doesn’t sound good.
Xasha: I grant them docking permission.
Rey: What bit of “Guavian Death Gang” did you not understand?
Xasha: They probably just want to sell us some tropical fruit. Although...
Rey: Yes?
Xasha: Hearing impairment might make bargaining tricky.

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Published: Tuesday, 02 February, 2021; 01:11:05 PST.
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