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Episode 1877: Shaken, No Longer Stirring


If there's one thing all villains should learn, it's to guard your prisoners. Don't lock them up somewhere and blithely assume they can't escape, leading to the insanity of not bothering to place a guard watching them. Don't place them in a devious death trap and then run away to do something else, leaving them there to die without someone standing there as a guard to watch them die.

Always have an actual, living guard to watch your prisoners. And not just one guard either. Have another guard to watch the prisoner and the first guard, to make sure the prisoner doesn't try any weird trick on the first guard. And have a third guard to watch the first two.

Goldfinger learns this lesson in the 1964 movie of the same name - but only the hard way, after James Bond successfully escapes the first time when just a single guard was watching him.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

First thing: Finn has gotten a replacement helmet. Like any equipment replacement, new equipment gotten later in the game will have better protection than the early game equipment. (Just imagine if you could purchase end-town gear in the fist town.)

Panel 2 has horrible blur. Was there really no better frame? Actually, how does blur work on digital? I'm asking as I don't know - but I thought that film actually recorded streaks over time, while digital catches a more instant snap. How far off am I in my understanding?

I'm not sure what to expect from the wrist bands releasing. He's heavily guarded, no chance to do anything, looks half out of it.

And... if he was going to defect, and Sally accepted him as a defector, to put him through all this... How loyal is she expecting him to be? Yes, last time they were discussing the "two moles keep an eye on each other", but this is almost begging one to want to defect.

So, what happens if/when Finn wants to leave? Poe would have no reason to stop him, and they might both defect together. This would make it Finn / Poe / BB-8 / Rey vs Hux / Ren.

So... would Pete's Rey decide to join Team Evil, as Pete wanted to, to keep it a three to three?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah, I wondered how long that compulsion would last. Interestingly, the trooper doing the actions for Poe seems to have counted. At least where I live, the Hokey Pokey has the dancer making the moves for themself rather than the actions being done for them. Subtle hint or just a coincidence?

More immediately though, Finn's retrieving Poe to go visit Ren. I'm guessing Finn's been briefed on the plan for an escape attempt by this point, but at the same time, I wonder how exactly these two are going to figure out they should trust each other for the escape. Troopers probably don't just defect out of the blue, and with Poe mind-controlled to be loyal to the First Order, why would he try to support Finn's apparent turncoat actions? Even if it's an act, there's going to be collateral damage of some kind that could hamper an escape with Poe. Can Finn trust that Poe won't do something stupid that completely wrecks the plan?

Now I'm really curious exactly how the movie played this part out and how closely the comic is following it. The Irregulars could be going pretty far off of the script and it'd be perfectly in keeping with the other Episodes. In spite of appearing exactly one day in comic, the Orb of Phanastacoria shaped a large portion of the rest of the following movies. Not to mention the Peace Moon plans, or the twist with Darth Vader the mother. Five years from now, I wonder how much I'll see the comic in the movies when I finally watch the new episodes.


GM: Some time passes. Annie, you’re up.
Finn: I stride into the interrogation chamber.
GM: Another trooper is guarding Poe.
Finn: Ren wants the prisoner.
Trooper: Oh, good. He’s been unbearable.
Finn: Oh?
Trooper: Wouldn’t quit screaming for hours.
Finn: Wow. Ren must have really done a number on him. How’d you get him to stop?
Trooper: I shook him all about and then turned him around.
[SFX]: klik klik {Poe's restraints unlock and open}

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Published: Tuesday, 11 August, 2020; 03:11:24 PDT.
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