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Episode 1848: No Shot in the Dark


Closure can be a difficult thing in an ongoing campaign designed to last for many adventures. Don't achieve it, and it can become long and drawn out, potentially leading to frustration or boredom. Achieve it, and you need to find something else to motivate your character.

So make sure your character has multiple different motivations - many different goals and things they want to achieve. Then you can tick some off and get a feeling of accomplishment, while still having things to aim for ahead of you.

One hero is obsessed with finding his parents, and cares about nothing else. Another hero wants to find the monster who attacked his home village, and upgrade his sword to a magical blade one day, and meet the daughter of the local Baron, and go to a big city and be part of the big festival there, and travel across the mountains to see what's on the other side. Which one sounds like they'll have more interesting adventures?

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Sally does a wonderful job of playing an evil, vicious, kill-them-all type of leader. Pete must be really jealous of not having been on the right side - oh, wait, they left discussing 3D camera angles.

Finn/Annie meanwhile talks to his boss, and points out that the villagers were unarmed. But rather than the typical "Why are we shooting unarmed people?", it's to point out that he's looking for an armed shooter, and he wants to go after someone else.

That certainly will fly with the kill-them-all boss. And, checking, it doesn't seem like Finn has become unhappy with Team Evil yet. He's focused on revenge for his dead team-mate, and it's NPCs that seem to be wondering if they're really the good guys. (Thanks to color coded for your convenience, they, being white, are.)

Sally/Kylo Ren's face is completely hidden by the mask in all the scenes here. There could be anything behind that mask. Behind that cape, and cowl.

And, I love how Sally makes sure that the last PC can get away. It's not the DM that's saying "You can't scan, or search at night", it's the other player. Sally isn't looking for a TPK, she's managed to kill one, capture one, and allow the third to flee to continue the adventure. That's really the best that you can do - near 100% completion of your goals, when actually getting 100% would end the campaign early. She's really trying to let the other players enjoy the campaign.

It's about the only way I can think of to explain her ignoring the advice from the NPC of the target being behind a dune, oh wait, he came out and exposed himself. And now basically telling the last one to leave while it still can.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oooooooo! You got caught not shooting, Finn! Looks like Kylo's fine with your reason though, so you're safe for now. I wonder how much of Gil's death and the reaction to it is improv and how much was planned out with Annie and the GM before hand.

Revenge can definitely be a worthy motive, like with Inigo Montoya for his father in The Princess Bride, but wiping out the Resistance doesn't seem like a good way of getting it. In fact, it sounds like the opposite method of getting revenge on the killer. It wouldn't necessarily involve finding Gil's killer, and the killer might not even care about the rest of the Resistance in the first place, judging by how quickly they turned traitor. I bet Finn tries to ditch the drop ship he came in to go look through the desert, even though it'd make more sense to wait for day to come and then do a proper search with more people, assuming the killer had escaped the village into the desert.

And were you really just hanging around the village waiting for something Corey? That's not a great idea even if the fight was still going on. Stray shots (or purposeful shots) could still find you even if you're hidden enough to not be seen. Not to mention you've got the thing the troopers came to get in the first place, so there's no sense sticking around where they could still get it. Best to get out and find new party members that wouldn't want to kill you for your things.

On a meta-note, the frames with Kylo so far where they're framed from the shoulders up make me think "snake person". There's the hood, the leaning around while looking at someone, the quiet aura of menace with the faceless mask, and the reflections off the mask make it look thinner than a regular person's face on occasion too. If there haven't been a full body shot of them walking previously, I could easily imagine them not having a bipedal lower half at this point and just slithering around before getting angry and stabbing people.


Kylo Ren: Trooper, why weren’t you shooting?
Finn: Lord Ren, sir. I need to know who killed my buddy, Gil. I need closure.
Kylo Ren: Revenge. A worthy motive. Keep that in your heart as you help us wipe out every last member of the Resistance. Then you shall have your peace.
Finn: These villagers we just slaughtered were all unarmed.
Kylo Ren: Your point, soldier?
Finn: The one who shot Gil must have got away! We have to search!
Kylo Ren: Tatooine sand blocks scanning. There’s no point looking at night. We’ll never find anyone who fled into the desert.
BB-8: {in the desert} Okay. I can take a hint!

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Published: Thursday, 04 June, 2020; 03:11:19 PDT.
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