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Episode 1824: About Facings


In a pinch, anything can be a weapon. The main thing to evaluate is the ratio of danger potential to the enemy versus danger potential to the user. A ratio well above 1 is usually desirable, but anything above about 0.1 is worth a shot in the right circumstances!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Okay. Now that's more like a Jim idea. That had me laughing quite a bit. Here's to hoping that the rest of the ship is sturdy enough not to explode at the same time. Or at least, sturdy enough not to catch BB-8 at the same time. Friendly fire isn't very friendly when explosives are involved.

And GM; a little too heavy? That's the sort of detail that players will pick up on, and then expect that two people can manage if it ever comes up again. I think you'd need to work on your failure statements a little. Maybe something like "It doesn't seem to budge." That won't keep players from trying it anyway, but then you can make up more reasons later that don't require gravity generators to increase the weight!

Hmmm. I wonder what Lor's been up to while Poe and BB have running to the X-wing. Maybe Ben's got a better plan in mind for fighting back. He neatly dropped a doom mark on himself all inside of 2 minutes, so there has to be something coming otherwise he'll beat out Jim's record for shortest time to character death. Cavalry charge by the rest of the players?

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)


Alright, jumping out of the "safety" of the ship, and facing hundreds of troopers yourself? Par for the course for RPG PC's. Trying to see if you can push the ship to move it? Seen that. Not successful either. Realizing that the engines are facing the enemy? Now we're talking. If you need a bigger weapon, make something go kaboom.

It stops the GM's concern of the party staying split up - somehow, one trooper will survive this. It stops the PCs from leaving the poor, helpless village to be destroyed by the troopers. It gives the off-screen bad guys some reason to say something around, "You have failed me once, admiral. Do not fail me again", and turn up the enemy response in the next encounter.

"Relentless Optimism in the Face of The Enemy". Understatement of the story so far. Corey/Luke/BB-8 should no longer be such a newbie for face-to-face games. Sure, computer RPGs are glorified combat games, you don't really have a way to go off-script. Face-to-face games are all about going off-script.

Now, they will need a way to get BB-8 out of the ship before the engines go kaboom. I'm pretty sure it looks like he is right above the engines right now.

Of course, with this ship dead, the next best ship in question? Other side of the planet, as I'm sure Pete will remind us. How hard would it be to cross a desert planet in a speeder?


Poe: I jump out. The main guns are still operational, right?
GM: Yeess...
Poe: I push the ship around so they face the enemy!
GM: It’s a little too heavy.
Poe: I push the troopers in front of the guns!
GM: They might object. With blasters.
Poe: Wait! I might not want to do that! The engines are facing the troopers?
GM: Yeeeessss...
Poe: If we blow them up, the exhaust ports will form a shaped charge effect, neatly taking out the troopers and leaving us unscathed.
BB-8: If we survive this I’m recommending you for a medal.
Poe: Yes?
BB-8: Relentless optimism in the face of the enemy.

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Published: Thursday, 09 April, 2020; 03:11:14 PDT.
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