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Episode 1819: Doom Drops Keep Fallin’ on My Head


Never trust things that other players tell you, until you've seen them with your own eyes. (Or experienced them with your other senses and/or remaining limbs.

"Don't put your hand in there! It's trapped!" - Put your hand in there to check it out.

"There's a demon chasing us! Run!" - Stand your ground and express incredulity while peering down the corridor.

"Wet paint" - Touch it.

By the way, GMs, this is a great thing to try on your players. Have a fairly obvious looking trap of some sort, and tell the players they see a "Wet paint" sign on it. Of course have the trap triggered by touch.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

So, Old Lor has given the Lore, and is being ignor-ed. Now, a real, heroic PC would be concerned with how to save the old man. After all, that's what heroes do. But, since when has this party been concerned with being heroes? They've had goals and agendas.

And in this case? Jim's Poe could stay and have the expected death. BB-8 probably could have hidden somewhere, perhaps pretended to be a loyal Empire droid. After all, no one ever questions a droid, right?


In the entire series of movies, droids are treated as people, yet somehow, always assumed to be loyal to whoever they are working for. No one ever does code dumps, no one ever checks for a hidden virus. One single, amazing hacker could take over the entire Empire. One hacker who knows how to code, how to hide a virus in droids to take them over, perhaps someone with a cyber brain and computer parts to help them interface.

Yep. One cyborg could take over everything. Where have we seen a cyborg in this story?

I know world building is hard, but in this case, I have to ask: Did Lucas even try? Oh, right - Lucas was not involved with this last trio.

Meanwhile: What's the big thing with reddish lighting indoors? Color balanced lighting is single-planet tech, long before you get space flight. You'd think that maybe this massive, galaxy-spanning Empire would have advanced tech to make color balanced indoor lighting.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hm. Looks like Corey was smart and got a voice module installed unlike Pete. Or maybe the GM is being generous for the moment and letting the lack of beep language slide. Not to worry though, we get confirmation in triplicate of drop ships landing. At least, I think there's drop ships landing; Lor San should go look just to make extra sure. ... ... ... Ahem.

Those don't look too shabby for a pair of binoculars, assuming that's the night vision view. The Cherenkov radiation color is pretty neat, and the graininess is about what I would expect for night vision too. A little on the bulky side, but I guess that's what you get for the extra vision bonus. Gotta say though, those drop ships look really goofy in the still. Something about the mast with the spotlight makes me think of a comically oversized robotic pincher arm.

And Jim didn't know he had a ship. I'm less encouraged by that forgotten detail for a Greedo/Han Solo level background like in A New Generation. Still fits the scoundrel part pretty well, and there's not much of a party to split at this point so that's not a worry either. Now I'm wondering how long Lor San's got to live; obviously it's more than just this scene going by the annotation on 1817, but still. He's got a doom mark, no easy way to flee, and he doesn't seem bald or wrinkly enough to fit Lu-Tze's Rule One. Maybe Sally, Pete, and Annie swoop in to save the day, or at least grab Lor San to bravely run away with the whole party in a group?

Nice to see that there's still X-wings though, I always thought they looked pretty cool. Y-wings were too stretched out, A-wings didn't show up enough, and neither of those two had the swinging wings. There's probably some modifications to make BB-8 fit though, so hopefully the design doesn't change too much when they get an actual appearance instead of a mention. Though I bet the GM's made some better miniatures than the first set of glued together wings he'd made for fighting the first Death Star.


BB-8: There are troop drop ships landing!
Poe: I go out and have a look with my binoculars.
GM: You see drop ships landing.
Poe: Hmm. Seems to be drop ships landing.
Lor: We have to get out of here. Where’s your ship?
Poe: Ship?
Lor: You’re a pilot, yes?
Poe: Oh, yeah.
GM: Your X-wing is parked outside the village. There’s only room for you and BB-8.
Poe: Well, you’re doomed anyway. You hold them off while I get help!
Lor: I’m an old man!
Poe: A doom mark’s not an easy thing to live with.

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Published: Sunday, 29 March, 2020; 03:11:15 PDT.
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