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Episode 1705: Eau de Bouffon


Throwing your gun at an enemy is a classic move, and so a good one to emulate in a game every now and then to reinforce the cinematic feel.

You may want to make sure you're out of ammo or the gun has irrevocably jammed first.

Although throwing a gun with live ammo in it can also be fun.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

[aurilee has withdrawn as a guest commentator due to free time constraints.]

"Shoot him with the data crystal". What?

And once again, we have a stun gun. That's a pretty deadly looking stun gun.

The whole thing of "beware what you are shooting at, because what is behind them is too valuable to hit" reminds me of a Schlock Mercenary comic, where in a double sting operation, police are about to shoot at our heroes, only to find that there is a huge wall of people in the way. Or rather behind the way.

Still, it does raise the interesting question. Would you rather stop shooting, or would you rather risk hitting the data?

This is why you have to have competent backup. With a good backup plan, destroying a few crystals won't matter, the data is still available. Highly redundant storage arrays, error correcting storage, etc.

... Highly competent. Never mind.

— Keybounce


GM: Suddenly, you hear a door opening in the shaft wall above you. It's Krennic and his cronies.
Bria: I shoot him with the data crystal!
GM: Um...
Cassian: I fire my stun gun!
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
Krennic: Ha ha! Found you at last, you Rebel scoundrels!
Bria: I can't believe I just threw away a blaster. I could have thrown it at Krennic!
Krennic: Well, what are you waiting for? Shoot the intruders!
[SFX]: Pow! Kaboom!
Krennic: You buffoons! You just destroyed important Imperial data! Stop missing them!
Krennic: Don't stop shooting! Start hitting them!
Krennic: Why does the stench of incompetence follow me wherever I go??
[SFX]: Pow!

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Published: Sunday, 16 September, 2018; 03:11:16 PDT.
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