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Episode 1599: Nom de Fume


There are two types of PCs: pre-generated ones that the GM hands out for people to play, and ones that the players build themselves from scratch. The former is good for quick one-shot adventures or when the players don't have time to go through the rigmarole of character generation. The latter is good for letting players customise their characters abilities and background to match what they want to play.

There can also be a middle ground. The GM can hand out rough character sheets with loosely brush-stroked abilities and let the players fill in the details. Given how much people like to customise things, sometimes this even happens when the GM isn't expecting it...

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Jim's had the character for all of 30 seconds and he's already making changes. The GM may now be regretting giving control of an NPC to Jim.

On the plus side, good on Jim for elaborating on Bria/Jyn's backstory!

And good on K-2 for keeping Bria's priorities straight!

— aurilee

Jim is paying attention to a character sheet? Listening to the GM instead of making stuff up on his own?

Now, daughter of the technical mastermind behind the Peace Moon. Will we possibly see something like daddy spots daughter, and doesn't turn her in?

I love the last two panels. "I could do it with my eyes closed". Followed by the blind monk saying "yawn". The real question is, is that "blind" monk, who shares senses with his familiar, able to do it if his familiar's eyes are closed?

In other words, is he actually blind, or is he just seeing from a different point of view?

— Keybounce


Bria: Actually, my real name is Jyn Erso.
Bodhi: Oh! That's... unexpected.
Bria: Yeah, my dad's name is Galen Erso. I changed mine to Bria Tharen to dissociate myself completely from him. The scum.
Chirrut: How much of that is written on your character sheet?
Bria: All of it.
Bria: Can I borrow a pencil?
Bodhi: You're Galen's daughter? He's the technical mastermind behind the Peace Moon weapon!
Bria: I haven't seen him since I was seven. I hope he dies before I ever see him again.
K-2SO: But... that means you wouldn't get to kill him yourself.
Bria: I could do it with my eyes closed!
Chirrut: <yawn>...

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Published: Thursday, 11 January, 2018; 02:11:02 PST.
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