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Episode 1583: Crystals Cleared


From time to time, give your players a puzzle over the motives of the antagonists. The baddies do something that seems odd, or counterproductive, until they think it through and reach the perception-changing conclusion that motivates their next actions.

Keep an eye out for any wrong assumptions the players make about the motives and actions of their enemies. If they're assuming the enemy's plan is X, when it's really Y, have the enemy do something that supports Y, and at the same time doesn't make sense if they were planning X. Repeat as often as necessary, until the players figure out whats really going on. This drives them back towards the plot and gives them a sense of satisfaction at having worked something out for themselves.

Ahh, yes. The lost plot line of data crystals. As I just mentioned, with the city destroyed there's clearly no possible reason for the player characters to go back and search the remains for the missing crystals. So of course, they'll try to find it anyways.

Sally ran the peaceful Jar-Jar, the librarian, the person running the diner, etc. Sally ran/will be running Yoda and C-3PO. This one robot seems to be her one opportunity to get all the violence out of her system.

Clearly, what this setting needs is a good computer hacker. One that can break into an archive, make copies of the data, and get out without being detected.

What do you mean, they're off-line data archives? That just means we need to to infiltrate in person, get close enough, and then with our trusty portable copying device, try to stealthily make a copy of the data while our copying device is making noise. Because that's what these devices always do in movies: they make noise.

I mean, it's not like another popular comic just ran that exact same plotline...

— Keybounce

Further hints here that it's really not the Senate who the PCs need to be concerned about. I'm thinking that the missing crystals might contain a reference to a certain "military leader" who is authorising and overseeing the project.

The PCs are really in quite the jam here. They know they need information, but have nowhere to seek it out. Perhaps someone else in the Rebellion might have ideas, but given how new this is to all the characters, I doubt it.

Maybe it's time to find some wise old guy/lady? They always seem to know what's what.

— aurilee


Bria: {crouched, weeping on floor} Oh god, that was too much... so many slides...
Kyle: Looks like the weather's turned.
Cassian: Why destroy Jedha? Who would do this?
Chirrut: Palpatine?
Cassian: He would never choose to do this. It must be the influence of the Senate.
Chirrut: But... why?
Bria: Hey, there are Peace Moon files referenced here that aren't on this crystal.
Chirrut: There must be more crystals! Is there a data archive in Jedha?
Kyle: Well not any more. That's where they were being transferred from. They started a week ago.
Kyle: Jabba got intel that they were shipping some important data today, so that's when we struck. But we estimate half the archive still remained to be moved.
Chirrut: And now they've blown it up... They're trying to plug the leak.
K-2SO: By detonating the entire dam with explosives! I approve!

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Published: Tuesday, 05 December, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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