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Episode 1575: Double-Wedged Sword


Seriously, having a shapeshifter as a recurring ally in your campaign is a gold mine of opportunity for the clever GM. Surpassed only by having a shapeshifter as a recurring villain.

OK, I'm having trouble understanding this one.

Wedge, in this universe, is a shape shifter. Fine.

In that last combo panel, is that a different form of Wedge telling Cassian to free a prisoner to get in touch with Jabba?

Does this mean that Bria was originally a prisoner?

— Keybounce

Wedge! Hey good buddy!

So Cassian's a pacifist. That would explain his lack of action in most situations up until now. I guess I can retroactively give him a pass now.

We also learn here that Cassian helped Bria escape from some sort of prison. I was impressed by this for about 3 seconds until I remembered that most likely, this prison break would have involved K-2 obliterating everything in his path until they located Bria.

Which means Cassian was able to maintain his record of not being overly helpful. I suppose he would have been a good getaway pilot, since I have to assume he's at least good at that.

I am curious about what Bria was in prison for. From what I've seen of her, it could be anything.

— aurilee


Wedge: Psst, hey, Cassian!
Cassian: Do I know you?
Wedge: Know me? You shot me! Saved my life, thanks buddy!
Cassian: Wedge??
Chirrut: Who?
Cassian: He's in my backstory. I shot him. I've been a pacifist ever since.
Wedge: That was some hairy mission... the Ring of Kafrene.
Chirrut: What's the Ring of Kafrene?
Kyle: It's like the stain on a coffee mug. Impossible to wash out.
GM: It's a trading post...
Wedge: Cassian, you have to meet with Jabba the Hutt. And I know exactly who can get you in.
Wedge: You'll find her on Wobani. Might need to bust her out of prison first.
Cassian: Unjustly imprisoned? No problem.
Wedge: Did I say unjustly?

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Published: Thursday, 16 November, 2017; 02:11:02 PST.
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