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Episode 1565: Vidi, Vidi, Vidi


If you want a compelling backstory for your character, it's perfectly fine to borrow ideas from someone else.

Not mentioning any names of characters from a recent game we played, where two PCs had both been the only survivor of a shipwreck, stranded on a desert island, unable to escape until one of the gods provided rescue on the backs of sea creatures in exchange for loyalty and spreading the word of their newfound divine patron. Oh, they were totally different backgrounds: the shipwrecks were different, the islands were different, the gods were different, and one was rescued by dolphins and the other by sea turtles.

A triple amputee. I did not see that coming.

This person is clearly not Force sensitive. In fact, it is possible, this person is probably Force insensitive.

Could this person actually be immune to the influence of the Force? Could this person actually be so un-Force connected that they cannot be Jedi mind tricked? Not subject to the Force's guiding your actions, as Ben once said?

... did our Ben say that in this universe? What did he say about the effect of the Force on people's actions in Darths & Droids?

So this is Jim's first character for the first session. We still have more, including that NPC. I don't know what re-writes/changes Disney made, just that since Disney changes everything, there's no way to predict how this "real version of history" will compare to the Legends we've read in the past.

... The more I read that, the more it seems both strange and understandable at the same time.

— Keybounce

Jim's here! And he has great facial expressions!

Kyle seems like a good time. I imagine he also plans all of Jabba's wonderful parties, and does some great parlour tricks with his artificial limbs.

So do we get to see Jabba soon? Please? Please?

I think I'll just pull a Cassian here and keep asking about seeing Jabba over and over again until eventually someone knocks me out.


— aurilee


Edrio: Kyle Katarn wants a word with you.
Edrio: Few outsiders get to speak with "The Saw". Don't squander the privilege.
Bria: Okay.
Chirrut: "The Saw"?
Kyle: It's a nickname. Go on, ask me why I have it.
GM: I asked Jim to make a character with a backstory. And he wants to tell it.
Chirrut: Why do they call you "The Saw"?
Kyle: Because I tried using a laser sword once, and cut my own hand off.
GM: I also told him to make the story believable and consistent as a character he'd play.
Kyle: I also cut both my legs off!

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Published: Tuesday, 24 October, 2017; 03:11:01 PDT.
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