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Episode 1540: The Time Has Come, the Players Said, to Talk of Many Things


Well so much for my previous advice. Looks like Bria pushed things a bit too far with the whole "prepare to die" thing. She probably could have tried a more subtle approach. The fact that she did actually seem to want to kill him likely didn't help either.

Got to say, Bria is acting much more like a PC than NPC. Is she maybe going to be a continuing GMPC?

Lastly, we've got some more colour-coding going on here. The blue outline appears indicates the present. So we will be in a continuous flashback/storytelling mode, à la Princess Bride?

I think I'm okay with that.

— aurilee

Seal of approval. I remember doing something just like that myself. And I love the idea of a cheap imported pack of miniatures.

So yeah, I did not recognize these two from Episode IV. While the deformed walrus (forgive me, it turns out that Dragon Dictate can not understand me when I am laughing - but then it has trouble understanding me even when I am not. Just trying to say "deformed walrus" puts me into a Brer Rabbit style laughing fit.)...

Deformed walrus figure. Note that it's Corey asking about the deformed walrus miniature. He didn't even bring up the subject the first time he saw those miniatures.

In movie, the doctor is continuing to get agitated, and the walrus is still trying to hold him back. It's amazing that the walrus is trying to be the voice of reason here; this is the same walrus that bragged about being wanted in 12 systems and got his arm chopped off.

Ben comments, "They knew Jabba?". I almost missed this. Ben was not there for this original playthrough, and so far all he has seen is that they ran into him in the marketplace. To go from that to the conclusion that this is the GM's point of contact for Jabba seems just a little far-fetched. It only makes sense with the "rule of minimizing pointless encounters" - just like the rule of "only one random encounter no matter how long your trip is".

So if their goal is to get in touch with Jabba, and get his weapons for the Rebellion, they want to stop insulting the doctor. Otherwise, I can see Jabba sending his minions out to protect and defend his men, which means that the scenes that we saw in the opening, of a big battle in the marketplace, would be Jabba's minions attacking the PC's because Bria messed up the escort mission.

The NPC messing up an escort mission. There's gotta be a trope for that. [Ed. A cross between Leeroy Jenkins and Spanner in the Works, but restricted to NPCs, methinks.]

— Keybounce


Doctor Evazan: And my diagnosis is: You're in a world of hurt!
Ben: Wait a second. Are these the same guys Luke and I met in the bar in Mos Eisley?
GM: Yep.
Annie: Yeah, we all knew at the time, but because it was only you and Corey playing that scene, we didn't say anything.
Corey: Whoa.
Ben: They knew Jabba?
GM: You might have found that out if you hadn't sliced Ponda Baba's arm off.
Ben: Why would you introduce them to us but go nowhere with it?
GM: I wanted to get some value out of these miniatures. And my NPC notes, of course.
Corey: Why do you have a... deformed walrus miniature anyway?
GM: I bought a cheap imported pack of plastic dinosaurs, and it had... this in it.
Sally: Urf urf urf!!
Corey: What's that?
Sally: My Seal of Approval.

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Published: Sunday, 27 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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