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Episode 1538: Insufficient Evazans


Ah, the Princess Bride reference. A staple of gaming tables everywhere.

The main benefit of quoting Princess Bride is that, unlike quoting Monty Python, it's not overly likely to devolve into a group of adults rambling on about shrubberies, "tinny" words, friends in Rome and the Spanish Inquisition (but nobody ever expects that one).

I'm not sure what I think about Bria at this point. She goes from pragmatic ("focus on the mission") to naively callous ("take my laundry") to randomly bold ("prepare to die!").

She generally doesn't seem like she knows much about how to be a rebel (pro tip: don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself), and I'm getting the feeling she's mainly there because she "has connections" and that makes her useful.

Hopefully this will all be cleared up once they reach Jabba. And boy oh boy I hope they reach Jabba soon. I've missed that guy.

— aurilee

This comic is confusing.

We start with two new people being introduced. We then have dialogue cutting across four panels.

I cannot help but wonder: "We need to find Jabba's Contacts" - what if these two are Jabba's low-level employees, that will come back and report on the behavior of Bria? In fact, the whole end: "They're looking for Jabba? How can we get away with punching them now". It would make sense if they are employed by Jabba somehow.

Evazan, and Ponda. ... Those names really sound like cars/car companies. Maybe I've been reading too much on DBZ names and references recently. (Bulma's name refers to what?!?).

Seriously though: Bria knows Jabba's #2 / the PC. Bria apparenly doesn't know all of Jabba's agents, and might not know the best way to get Jabba's attention, without first getting Jabba's attention... in the wrong way.

What would an escort mission be without a major screw up and/or firefight anyways? Jim's minions emerge Victorious, right?

... Escort mission. Bria is causing trouble. All according to the script.

— Keybounce


Cassian: What about those two shady looking gentlemen?
Bria: Hey! I know you!
Doctor Evazan: Whoa, whoa. Not so loud!
Bria: Your name is Montoja Intigua! You helped my father! Prepare to die!
Cassian: Bria!
Ponda Baba: Hey, Evazan, did I hear right, or did this runt just threaten to kill you?
Cassian: Sorry, it's just a misunderstanding. We'll be on our way.
Doctor Evazan: Did you hear that, Ponda?
Ponda Baba: I mustn't have. He's takin' the mickey.
Cassian: We've got more important things to do, Bria. We need to find Jabba's contacts.
Ponda Baba: Now he says he's lookin' for Jabba? Why wouldn't he say that first instead of threat'nin' to kill us?
Doctor Evazan: Man, how can we get away with punching their faces in now?
Ponda Baba: I'm thinkin'... I'm thinkin'...

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Published: Tuesday, 22 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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