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Episode 1535: * some assembly required



Sally's comment,"My combat algorithms aren't seeing a downside to this.", had me burst out in laughter.

So the first thing to note, this does not look like it is an "you all meet in an Inn" situation. Of course, they still have to meet the other two people. We haven't seen that building yet.


//summon (network="TNT", department="Colorize", strip="Next")

... GAR, guess my JCL isn't as good as it used to be :-).

(If you thought that was a C++ style comment? Ohh, you summer child of code :-) ((And if you think I did that just to comment on the "summer child" comment for Game of Thrones from the forums, you're right. Not like I'd reference the Google Summer of Code like that.)) ((( And Look, DMM even comments on off-topic discussions and mentions Game of Thrones. Too bad for him we got into that topic from his own comic line. Yes, I did write the above stuff before that off-topic post query was posted.)))

— Keybounce

My dreams of a movie with HK-47 is truly being realised. I'm in tears.

I can't get enough of K-2 (as I am now affectionately calling him). He is my kind of action droid.

Jedha is an odd name choice. It sounds like someone with a thick southern drawl saying "Jedi" (ie, "Jed-aaihh"). Is "jed" some sort of common root? I choose to believe it is (much as I do with "-tooine").

And it seems that Pete and Jim's characters are part of the rebellion, but still no further information on what they do or who they are. I'm assuming Pete has created some sort of tactical expert since that's a highly valuable skill in a rebellion. Jim's guy looked like a good time. I'm imagining him as a gruff-but-lovable tech/weapons guy? Like Bromely from Spiderman Unlimited.

Are the panels getting less sepia in this one? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Unfortunately Tatooine basically is sepia so it's hard to tell. If it is, and this is the transition away from flashback-mode, then I'm very much looking forward to the next strip where I can see all these characters in colour!

— aurilee


K-2SO: Where are Pete and Jim's characters?
GM: You'll run into them in Jedha City.
Chirrut: We got briefed on the setup beforehand.
Cassian: So this first mission is an "assemble the party" thing?
GM: Yeah.
Cassian: All right. If there's an Imperial ship over Jedha, we land the ship a discreet distance away and go out to have a look.
K-2SO: We should go in guns blazing!
Cassian: That would be a good way to accidentally kill any friendly contacts in the city.
K-2SO: My combat algorithms aren't seeing a down side to this.

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Published: Tuesday, 15 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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