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Episode 1533: Mission Impertinent: Post-Protocol


So let's title this discussion.

What kind of pilot? A rogue one.
What kind of combat droid? A rogue one.

Let's continue this shall we? What kind of radiation suit do we have? A rogue one. What class of D&D character are we playing? A rogue one.

What's with all the dots, bars, plus signs, strange letters, and that "@" with a cursor on it on your screen?

Nethack, of course :-)
Were you expecting Dwarf Fortress?

(Side note: I only very recently discovered that (A), DF was a text-interface game, (B), it was cross-platform (I seriously thought it was a graphical PC-only game), and (C), free. Of course, as soon as I went to download and play it, I found that just downloading the base game was a horrible mistake, you wanted a newbie starter modpack, and there's different state of "stable" for Mac vs Windows because of the recent change to 64 bits, and you apparently need 64 bits now because the 32 bit version runs out of memory or something -- but the 64 bit versions don't have all the features you need? All very confusing to this DF not-even-newbie-yet who wants to see a nice, simple, "how to play DF on a Mac" thread show up somewhere on this site's forum.)

— Keybounce

Action droid! I love action droids! Especially rebel action droids!

So the main characters are Annie's tough cookie pilot (at least he looks like a tough cookie) and Sally's action droid, and Jabba's in it (going by my previous assumption)?

This seems like it's going to be a good time.

K-2S0 reminds me a bit of HK-47 from the KOTOR games, but with sweeter, puppy-droid eyes.

I really like the idea of a droid defecting. There was a bit of that in the rebellious natures of 3P0 and R2, but this one actively said "no thanks" and walked out of there. I hope that is elaborated on more, especially with Sally's crusade for droid rights. That could be a standalone movie itself.

Oh, and props on that title drop there.

— aurilee


Annie: It actually began with me and Sally flying in to Tatooine for a mission on Danuta Plateau. I was a pilot called Cassian.
Ben: What kind of pilot?
Annie: A rogue one.
Sally: I was a droid named K-2SO.
Ben: A droid? I would have thought you'd have tried a completely different character.
Sally: I did! I was a male Imperial combat droid.
Corey: Cool!
Sally: And also a rogue one. I'd defected to the Rebellion.
Corey: How does a droid defect? Aren't they programmed? To follow protocol and stuff?
Sally: I figured screw being a protocol droid. I was a not-following-protocol droid!

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Published: Thursday, 10 August, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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