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Episode 1527: Hamming It Up


We had the basic idea to do this scene as a parody of Hamlet, complete with dialogue in Shakespearean verse, way back when we began work on The Phantasmal Malevolence. That was several years before Ian Doescher wrote and published William Shakespeare's Star Wars - which, together with its sequels parodying the other movies in the saga, is hilarious and well worth your money if you're in the market for more Star Wars humour.

Anyway, since we know people will mention Doescher's work if we don't do it first, rest assured that this comic was written with inspiration derived completely independently. It seems that mixing Star Wars and Shakespeare is just such a natural thing to want to do that it evolved spontaneously multiple times.


      Enter DARTH VADER and LUKE

Darth Vader:

      My noble prince, the Dark Side hath such pow'r
      that ne'er couldst thou discern its awful rule.
      But hark! Good Obi-Wan ne'er did tell thee
      what bitter fate befell thy father's soul.


      Enough of this dread tale he didst relate,
      whilst yet he gave to me the laser sword
      that passt to him from mine own father's care.
      Set forth by Obi-Wan's account was told
      that thou, mine Uncle Claudius, did strike
      the fatal blow that quenched my father's spark!

Darth Vader:

      I knowst mine words be poison to thine ears,
      but Luke, the sooth must out and thou must know
      the vengeance in thine heart doth err its mark;
      forsooth! thou needs hear I am thy true sire.


      O me! O what deceit dost thou attempt!
      This canard that thou sayst, it cannot be!

Darth Vader:

      Thine heart and passions thou must comb to learn
      what skulketh there: thou knowst it to be sooth.


      Nay! Naaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!

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Published: Tuesday, 18 July, 2017; 03:11:02 PDT.
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