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Episode 1422: She'ld Be Right


Safeguarding communications against interception is something that few players or PCs think about. So it's often easy to set up a scenario where an enemy overhears conversation or intercepts a message, and takes action based on the information gained.

Be careful using this in a game, however, unless you want your players to insist that whenever they are talking or sending messages it is done in code, forever after.


Nien Nunb: I love how articulate she is.
{beat, Lando looks askance at Nunb}
Lando: Hmm. I'm getting a reading on a shield around the Peace Moon.
C-3PO: It's a surprise attack. Why would they have a shield?
R2-D2: Holy crap! Is this communication even encrypted?!
[SFX]: < oowoo pating boobleep ping >
R2-D2: Do we have a mole? Again??
[SFX]: < boot-ding ping bezap ping >
R2-D2: It's all one huge trap!!
[SFX]: < doodle-pow oowoo >
C-3PO: Wait, they have unlimited energy with the Orb. They'd just keep a shield up all the time. Obviously.
R2-D2: Oh. Hmm. Yeah, I would.
[SFX]: < whirr diki >
Admiral Ackbar: Oh my god.
Admiral Ackbar: It's not a trap! We're just prats!

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Published: Sunday, 23 October, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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