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Episode 1403: All Quiet on the Western Back


Speaking of pizza cutters, here's a cool scenario. The heroes need to defuse a bomb. Easy, you say?

Put it on a large passenger vehicle, like a plane, or a cruise ship, or a passenger spaceship. So you can't easily evacuate innocent bystanders.

Or go and get suitable tools.

Put it in a part of the vehicle that experiences serious vibration, and/or noise, and/or exposure to the elements.

Give it a sensitive magnetic containment field. So if the heroes try to use metal tools, things could go horribly wrong as soon as they get near.

So forget about using cutlery from the vehicle dining area. Wait! They have plastic cutlery!

This brought to you by an actual game I ran where the PCs indeed had to defuse a bomb - did I mention it was nuclear? - with plastic cutlery, while clinging to the outside of a spaceship.


GM: Back on the forest moon, the Ewocs have led you to the front door of the base.
Han: That's the front door? Looks smaller than I expected.
Wicket: They've disguised it as a back door.
Han: Ingenious.
Chewbacca: I am taking notes.
Leia: All right. We break in quietly.
Han: Straight through the front door? How stealthy can that be?
Leia: It's the last thing they'll expect from a full frontal assault.
Han: Huh. Ingenious!
C-3PO: This is the best plan since Artoo cut us free from the net with a pizza cutter.
Han: It's up there with the sweet deal I made for my leg.

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Published: Thursday, 08 September, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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