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Episode 1376: I Heartily Endor Sthis Product End/or Service


Witchcraft is a cool thing to play with in a game setting. In various traditions and stories, witches are looked upon as everything from malevolent entities allied with demons or devils, to bastions of rustic wholesomeness protecting the world from evil. Basically, you can take any societal role and make a witchy version of it.

Basically, you can take any segment of society and add a dash of magic and occult, and then explore what such a world would be like.


{C-3PO floats into the air on her chair}
C-3PO: Heed the Word of your Lord and Flanchiser. You have been far too materialistic!
C-3PO: You need to understand the service economy. You can sell things that aren't even things!
Logray: What witchcraft is this??
C-3PO: For example: You could have charged my associates for the rabour of carrying them. And Princess for that hairdo.
C-3PO: You can even sell things that you plomise to do in the future.
Ewocs: <Gasp!>
C-3PO: As a rimited time offer, I will sell you the secrets of these mysteries, for the one low plice of assigning these humanoid resources to me.
Logray: Release them!
C-3PO: And now my associates owe me as well.
Logray: Genius!

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Published: Thursday, 07 July, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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