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<     Episode 1374: Han Solo Killed the Radio *     >

Episode 1374: Han Solo Killed the Radio *


* Exactly What it Says on the Tin.**

** But hopefully you didn't realise that until after you read the comic. Therein lies the humour.


Luke: I think it's time to radio the Rebel battalion to come save us.
Han: Nah. They're maintaining radio silence.
Luke: If there's ever a good time to break radio silence, it's now.
Han: I wanted to make sure they maintained it. So I—
Luke: ... didn't give them a radio. Great.
Han: No! Even better: I sabotaged their radio.
Chewbacca: Very well thought out, I must say.
Han: We don't want to distract them from building our fort anyway.
R2-D2: Yeah. The smouldering wreckage of our shuttle will be impregnable.
[SFX]: < whir-boop ta-poppy bing dip boodoot >

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Published: Sunday, 03 July, 2016; 03:11:01 PDT.
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