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Episode 1327: Eternal Moonshine of the Blank Mind


If you gotta bluff, may as well go all out. The more brazen a bluff, the more likely the bluffee is to assume you couldn't possibly be that stupid as to attempt what it looks like you just attempted, and so they're more likely to just let you get away with it on the assumption that you have the proper authority and are just an idiot.

Use this argument to get a bluff bonus when trying something ridiculously unlikely to work. (And let us know if your GM falls for it.)


GM: You're approaching the Peace Moon in the stolen shuttle.
Luke: I'll detach myself from the Force and blank my mind.
Yoda's voice: Detachment. Good, good.
Han: That's a Force ability? I do that all the time.
Chewbacca: It appears as though our audacious plan may actually be working.
Imperial Traffic Controller Jhoff: {over radio} We have you on our screen now. Please identify.
Han: Shuttle Tydirium requesting landing clearance on the Peace Moon.
Imperial Traffic Controller Jhoff: {over radio} Shuttle Tydirium, transmit the clearance code for passage.
Luke: Code?
Chewbacca: And there we go...
Han: Clearance code: ICURK9P. Bluff roll. 10!

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Published: Tuesday, 15 March, 2016; 03:11:04 PDT.
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