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Episode 1314: He Shapeshifted into a Ventriloquist


Anything you ask an NPC to do has consequences.

As a GM, you can resolve these sorts of things by thinking what situations they could get intom, rolling a few dice, and developing a story that fills in details of what happened to them when the PCs weren't around. This sort of storytelling using minor characters can add a lot of depth and flavour to a campaign.


Wedge: Luke gave me this amazing lead to rendezvous point Zeta, but it got hot pretty fast.
Mon Mothma: So grody!
Wedge: After I ejected, I made it to the Imperial base there.
Wedge: Shapeshifted as a Bothan, I was able to snoop freely.
Han: Brilliant!
Wedge: I overheard that Jabba the Hutt contracted for a massive construction job for the Empire, so I headed to his hangout on Tatooine.
Wedge: There I found Jabba had subcontracted to a bunch of other companies to skim the profits, and then filed for bankruptcy.
Wedge: And... the project was this new Peace Moon! I stole the hologram, then Luke showed up and things got hot again.
Mon Mothma: Awesome. Thanks, Wedge.
Mon Mothma: Next, General Madine will totally list all our recent, um, like, awesome military victories against the Empire?
General Madine: Agent Wedge stole an Imperial shuttle to escape from rendezvous point Zeta.
General Madine: That is all.

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Published: Sunday, 14 February, 2016; 02:11:03 PST.
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