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Episode 1305: The Anakin's Cookbook


Wise sages often speak in metaphors or other forms of circumlocution. Which means they're a great way to lead PCs astray and into danger, while maintaining plausible deniability - that all the information you gave them was in fact technically correct.

If interpreted correctly.


Yoda: ... leads to suffering.
Luke: Whoa. That's a long list. How does anyone ever get to the Dark Side?
Yoda: They're steps. One after the other, they come.
Luke: So, is it inevitable, then?
Yoda: No. If once you start down a Path, not necessarily forever will it dominate your destiny.
Yoda: Walk both directions on a Path you can. That's why it's called a Path, not a river.
Luke: But salmon can swim upstream.
Yoda: A metaphor this is. Take it literally do not, little fishy.

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Published: Sunday, 24 January, 2016; 02:11:02 PST.
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