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Episode 1302: How Many Paths Must a Man Walk Down?


There are many different possible axes of ethics and morality. Good and evil is the classic one, but from Dungeons & Dragons we are also familiar with the law versus chaos dichotomy. But there's no reason to stop at just two! Other possibilities include the needs of the individual versus the needs of the group, nature versus artifice, reason versus emotion, and so on.

One might guess that Pete has devised his own all-encompassing morality system comprising six different orthogonal axes. Or maybe ten, giving a node at each vertex. Or 30 overlapping axes, corresponding to the edges. Well, something incredibly well thought out and overly complicated, anyway.


Luke: I thought I was already one of the good guys.
Yoda: Only part way on the Path to the Light Side you are.
Yoda: A long path it is. But two steps so far have you taken.
{flashback to Luke empathising with Malakili}
Yoda: {voice over} "Empathy, the opposite of fear."
Luke: Uh...
Malakili: But what would you know of the death of a mentor about whom you care? <sob>
Luke: Oh. I... I'm sorry. I had a mentor once.
{flashback to Han and Luke planning to escape from Jabba's skiff}
Yoda: {voice over} "Calm, the opposite of anger."
Han: You have to do it now! Once we're over it you can't possibly jump far enough.
Luke: I wait.
{end flashbacks}
Luke: Okay, what's next?
Yoda: Work it out for yourself, you must.
Luke: And why are you talking about fear and anger?
Yoda: The Path to the Dark Side are they.
Luke: More Paths? What the hell? How many are there?
Yoda: As many Paths as there are Sides.
R2-D2: Is this about the Dodecahedron of Morality?

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Published: Sunday, 17 January, 2016; 02:11:17 PST.
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