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Episode 1287: Eye, Robot


When the heroes in your game finally despatch the Big Bad Villain of the campaign, they are likely to leave behind a selection of mooks and lackeys who the PCs haven't got around to dealing with yet. Suddenly leaderless, these NPCs can react in a variety of ways.

Some might continue to blindly follow orders, despite the demise of their boss. These can present more or less formidable obstacles to the exit and safe return of the heroes to civilisation. Others, however, may rejoice in their newfound liberation. This can provide amusement, or can present problems of its own, as the heroes are suddenly confronted by hordes of less obviously evil people who might claim to have been coerced into servitude.

Killing the main villain might only be the beginning...


Salacious Crumb: {off-panel} The long nightmare is over! We're free! Yes, Ortugg, remove your accursed suit forever!
Ortugg: {off-panel} Thank goodness, I was sweating like a—
Salacious Crumb: {off-panel} And you, droid-gram! Allow me to shake you by the hand. Your actual hand!
C-3PO: What? I'm not in a suit. I'm a droid!
Salacious Crumb: Yes, yes, you're a "droid". Just get out of there and you won't need to be any more! {picking 3PO's eye out}
C-3PO: Help! Help!
Salacious Crumb: I'm going as fast as I can. There's gotta be a hidden catch in here somewhere...
R2-D2: I zap him.
[SFX]: Zap!!
Salacious Crumb: Ow!! No, fool, we're free! Doff your dome!
Leia: Why don't you take your suit off, you bat-faced little freak?
Salacious Crumb: I'm naked under here!
Salacious Crumb: Ah ha ha ha ha!

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Published: Sunday, 13 December, 2015; 02:11:15 PST.
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