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Episode 1274: Family Skewed


It's great to have someone appreciate the effort you put into giving personality and drama to your NPCs.

If it has to be another NPC, so be it.


Boba Fett: Kenobi, instead of facing your destiny, your judgement, your ineluctable fate, you wasted your life in some... trivial little scrap!!
Boba Fett: I could have begun healing. Laid to rest the memories of my father, Maul. My mother, Zam. My second father, Jango.
{flashback panels show each parent}
Boba Fett: But you took the coward's way out and torment me even beyond the grave!
[SFX]: whooom! {Luke is still fighting guards in the background}
Leia: See, this is why we didn't tell him before now.
Boba Fett: Mother, fathers, I would ascend to be with you, but instead my entire being has been twisted by the bane of our existence.
Jabba: It doesn't get any better than this! Somebody, kill me now!

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Published: Thursday, 12 November, 2015; 02:11:14 PST.
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