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Episode 1255: Derivative Humour


Rejected additional line for Jabba: "And my parents were officially married, as you can determine by checking the records at the social registry office on Nal Hutta..."


Luke: I think we'll pass on the insurance.
Lando: Han's debts might be bad, but we could pass them on with credit default swaps and turn a profit.
Jabba: Bundled with slices of Han. O! Who could resist? What a veritable fiscal smörgåsbord!
R2-D2: We might have a bargaining chip after all.
Jabba: So then, would you like to purchase a will?
Chewbacca: No. You already have all of our possessions. And all our money. No deal.
Jabba: Well then, we have no more to discuss. Onto the plank!
R2-D2: While they're all yakking, I go up to the top deck of the barge.
Leia: You can't kill them, you heartless bastard!
Jabba: Actually, I have three hearts. And none of them bleed for you.

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Published: Tuesday, 29 September, 2015; 03:11:16 PDT.
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