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Episode 1253: A Long Talk on a Short Plank


You don't hear about sprays of blood in roleplaying games as often as they would actually happen if people in real life did the same sorts of activities as the adventuring characters.

Yeah, maybe that's a good thing.


R2-D2: Hey, Luke, you might want to be careful of the giant pit trap right beneath your feet right now.
[SFX]: < doip-ding-spip bebop bikazung-bang zik-pik-jang bip >
Luke: Yeah, I see it.
R2-D2: It's just that in Jabba's throne room—
[SFX]: < zibuzz oodoo-ni-doing eebloo-dooby >
Luke: Yes. Yes, I know.
Jabba: Let the festivities commence! Those in the front row, prepare for arterial spray.
Aliens in front row: Ooooooh!!
[SFX]: < bebepating doop dip-deep >
Chewbacca: I'd just like to say, Luke, it has been a pleasure working with you.
Luke: You too, I guess. Pity it has to end like this.
Chewbacca: {softly} Also, if you could possibly stall for time, R2 claims to have some sort of plan.
Luke: I'm delighted to hear that what I was going to do anyway is apparently now a plan.

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Published: Thursday, 24 September, 2015; 03:11:18 PDT.
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