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Episode 1250: Telephone Plan


Plans of course need to be communicated to other members of your adventuring group, lest they go hilariously wrong. This is why all good villains should make sure to separate the group so they can't easily communicate with one another. After all, everyone enjoys a plan going hilariously wrong - especially a villain!


R2-D2: Sally, take this note.
[SFX]: < doop bleep gidip-whroop bzzt zang buzz-bedoop tong dooby squee bip buzz >
C-3PO: Are you insane?? No!
C-3PO: Also, good job.
[SFX]: < squee buzz ezang kibuzz gidip-whroop poppy doing zik-pik-jang >
C-3PO: No... there is another.
[SFX]: < doip-ding-spip boop eedoo bzzt doip-ding-spip bebioo ziku-ting >
C-3PO: I have faith.
Leia: This sounds like a plan.
Jabba: Now let us discuss your forthcoming interpretive dance schedule. Your first epic shall be on the many and varied hunting rituals of the gorryl slug! As you know from the opera—
Leia: I sure hope it's a plan.

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Published: Thursday, 17 September, 2015; 03:11:12 PDT.
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