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Episode 1242: All Cut Up


The first time doing anything should be a momentous occasion. This should apply to new adventurers starting out on their life's journey. The first time they encounter goblins and have an actual life or death fight is a huge step beyond whatever they have been doing previously to get to this point.

Experienced roleplayers may consider such a fight trivial, but try to get into the heads of your puny first level characters and think of the encounter as something truly terrifying and life-changing. Which by all rights it should be. Sometimes it pays to just take a step back and think about what your adventure would be like if you were really doing it.


Jabba: Malakili, you are now the master slicer.
Malakili: Oh my. I always dreamed of this day, but never that it would arrive so abruptly. <sob>
Jabba: Are you up to the job?
Malakili: Absolutely. The other twelve years of training would have sharpened me up, pardon the pun, but I'm sure I have the basics down.
Jabba: Well, the first time is always exciting.
Malakili: I've never been allowed to touch a blade, per se, but I just know I'll be very good at it.
Jabba: You've never let me down before. Not that you've had a chance to.
Jabba: Well, the first time is always exciting. What's your plan?
Malakili: I've thought about this a lot. I shall manipulate the tentacles of the mighty Sarlacc to induce a slicing reverie in its mind.
Malakili: At that very moment, hurl him into its maw!
Jabba: Lo! The Sarlacc!
Jabba: This shall be the greatest spectacle since... well, yesterday afternoon.

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Published: Sunday, 30 August, 2015; 03:11:12 PDT.
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